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Today’s (13th January, 2015) Morning Satsang continues with the Upanishad Series - Living Advaita. On His auspicious 38th Avatara Dhina, Jayanthi Day, Paramahamsa Nithyananda starts the first Upanishadic mantra: Om Poornamadhah Poornamidham Poornaath Poornam Udhachyathey | Poornasya Poornamaadhaaya Poornamevaavasishyathey || || Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthih || “Understand, the essence of this verse: The Whole, the Cosmos, the Universe, comes from the Whole. Even when it comes, it does not get separated; it continues to be established in the Whole. When it goes back, it goes back to the same Whole. Understand, “Living Advaitha” means, declaring there is no period of delusion. Whatever is required for you to radiate Shivoham is ready, available in your biomemory, in your muscle-memory, in your bioenergy. Start living it!” Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe. visit:
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||



I welcome all of you with my love and respects.  I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Thanedars, Kotharis, visitors, viewers, Balasants, everyone, sitting with us here in Bidadi Ashram, and all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, and two-way video-conferencing.  I welcome every one of you with my love and respects.


On this auspicious 38th Avatara Dina, I bless everyone.  Let everyone radiate Shivoham, Living Advaitha.  Hundreds of places all over the world, people are celebrating.  With overflowing my being, overflowing of my being, I accept all your devotion, reverence, respects, offerings, everything.


Bidadi Ashram, 1008 naivedhyams, Anna Koota is offered.  Charlotte-Srisailam is offering 32 naivedhyams.  Romania is offering 9 naivedhyams.  Hyderabad is offering 108 naivedhyams.  Philip Island, 28 naivedhyams.  Kathmandu-Nepal is offering 56 naivedhyams and one lakh deepams, laksha deepothsava.  Kathmandu has offered laksha deepa.  San Jose is offering 108 naivedhyams.  So many more cities and temples are offering so many naivedhyams and offerings.  Sri Lanka is offering 78 naivedhyams.  Atlanta-Georgia is offering so many offerings.  Dallas is offering 28 naivedhyams.  Houston – 31, Malaysia-Palani is offering 108 naivedhyams.  All over the world, all the cities are celebrating.  Singapore is offering 146 naivedhyams and three days of Akhanda Japa of ‘Shivoham’.  I accept all the offerings, devotion, respect, commitment, everything, from all of you. 


O, Nithyananda Sangha, I bless you.  Let you live long, radiating this Shivoham experience to the universe, keeping the Master and the Dharma and Sangha alive.  O, Sangha, let you live and radiate to the whole world this great tattwa, sathya, of Shivoham, Living Advaitha.


St. Louis is offering 165 naivedhyams, and, Australia is offering 144 naivedhyams, Seattle, 38 naivedhyams.  It is continuing....continuing.  More and more Centers, hundreds and hundreds of our Centres and ashrams all over the world are joining.  Even though I am not reading all the Centers’ names, I wanted to send this message to all of you: I accept all your offerings.  I am seeing all of you.  I am there with you all, now, here.  Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, Mill Valley-Vairavan Koil, I know all the Centers will be very happy if I read out your name.  Too many Centers, too many ashrams are joining; so….  Toronto is offering 108 naivedhyams.  I accept all your sincerity, devotion, commitment, offering, everything. 


Please remember, just like all of you are here for me, I want to tell you all, I am here in this body just for all of you.  Giving up life is very easy.  Dying for somebody, dying for some cause is very easy.  It is one minute job. Living for some cause, amidst all the tortures, is the most difficult thing.  I tell you guys, I just want to tell you guys, I am doing that most difficult thing just to send this message to all of you that I love you guys; I love you all.  Living for a cause amidst all the tortures is the most difficult thing.  I am doing it just to give this one message to all of you; just I wanted to tell only this one thing: I LOVE YOU ALL.  And I assure you guys, I will live forever; at least hundred more years in this body and in the Akshardham forever, making myself available to all of you; decided to pick up the Shivoham ‘parashu’ (battle-axe), the power of Shivoham experience.  This actually symbolizes Shivoham.  It is a symbol of the Shivoham experience, the strength of Shivoham experience. 


Today, more than a message, I wanted to give blessings to all of you.  First, my blessings to every one of you; to everyone is - Let everyone radiate Shivoham, Living Advaitha.  Understand, I am using the word ‘Living Advaitha’.  Means, you have to LIVE it.  Don’t just imagine; don’t just visualize; LIVE it.  It is LIVING, deciding to LIVE, that, that is the key point.  How much ever I may go on speaking, the moment you are moved to decide, when you are moved to decide, when you are moved to make decision to LIVE it, that moment is what I call ‘moment of initiation, deeksha’.  Decide to live; every moment look within - ‘Am I living Advaitha?’


Parashu is really doing its job!  HAHAHAHAHA.  The aayudhas (weapon) have become independent intelligence!  HAHAHAHAHA.


Decide to LIVE, understand.  Remember this word, this one word as my message today.  This is the key to make my blessings into reality, as a life in you.  DECIDE TO LIVE, not just in small-small ways; decide to reform your cognition, thinking style, action style, based on that Advaitha Sathya of Shivoham. 


Understand, the first point to live Shivoham, the first instruction to live Shivoham is: Always be in Shiva Bodha, come what may, happen what may.  Decide to be in the Shiva Bodha, the joy of being Shiva!  Whether you think you are Jeeva, individual soul, whether you think you are Shava, dead, useless; whether you think, imagine about you as Jeeva - individual soul or Shava - dead waste, the truth is, YOU ARE SHIVA.  YOU ARE SHIVA.  YOU ARE SHIVA. 


Understand, I am not talking any philosophy.  No!  I am not interested in any verbal jugglery.  No! 


I am starting the first Upanishadic mantra in this Upanishad Series, Living Advaitha satsanghs:


ॐ पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदम् पूर्णात् पूर्णमुदच्यते |

पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ||

|| ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ||


Om Poornamadhah Poornamidham Poornaath Poornam Udhachyathey |

Poornasya Poornamaadhaaya Poornamevaavasishyathey ||

|| Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthih ||


Understand, the essence of this verse: Whole, the Whole, the Cosmos, the Universe, comes from the Whole.  Even when it comes, it doesn’t get separated; it continues to be established in the Whole.  When it goes back, it goes back to the same Whole.


Understand, ‘Living Advaitha’ means, declaring there is no period of delusion, understand? 


The promise, message of Yoga Sutra is: ‘Now you are in delusion.  If you do this, you will be liberated in the future.’  That is ‘Yoga’.


‘No, no, no.  Even now you are liberated.  Even now you are free. You are not at all bound.’  That is ‘Tantra’.


‘Not only in the future or in the present, even in the past you were always free’ is ‘Advaitha’.


Understand, there is no delusion period.  Your history has no dark page.  Cosmos never writes, Cosmos never makes a dark page in your history.  Out of your sheer stupidity you go on making some part of your life as a black part of your life, dark part of your life.  Understand, ‘There is no dark night in your history’, is the message of Advaitha. 


The Whole comes from Whole.  Mahadeva comes from Mahadeva, and he is established in being Mahadeva, is the truth.  The earlier you start celebrating, earlier you start enjoying the life. 


In the world, there are three kinds of people:


·         People who go on feeling life is poverty.  They live and leave the life in poverty, utter powerlessness, and not having what they want or not having enough.  That is one group.


·         Second: Living on OPM – ‘Other People’s Money’.  That is the second group.  Other People’s Money – OPM!  Never deliver anything to people; only by creating fear.  Blackmailers; Blackmailers never deliver anything to the world.  Just blackmail, create fear, and grab; Non-contributing members of the society, living on OPM – Other People’s Money.  Understand, when I say ‘Other People’s Money’, it is not only other people’s money, using all the resources of other people.  That is one group.  Their power, their intelligence, everything; but never contributing to them.  Living on OPR – ‘Other People’s Resources’; Second group! 

·         Third: This is the essence of the Universe.  The group which contributes, go on sharing, enriching, radiating, living in utter richness of Shiva Bodha. 


Understand, enough has been already deposited in your DNA, in your bio-memory, in your muscle-memory.  It is now YOU who needs to start writing cheques and blank cheques and distributing to the world and start living it.  No one has been sent to the earth to live a poor life, living the life of powerlessness and resourcelessness.  No one has been sent to live on other people’s resource thinking that you are resource-less.  I tell you, blackmailers are the most frightened, stupid fellows.  Seeing tons and tons of blackmailers in my life, I am telling you, blackmailers are the most frightened chicks, because, they feel they do not have enough resource.  Poor fellows, they need an Inner Awakening.  They need an Inner Awakening.  Whether you feel you do not have enough resource....   Understand, money, strength, intelligence, power, all these are resources.  When you feel you don’t have enough, you live in utter disgrace and die.  That is the kind of lifestyle, what I say, you think of you as a Shava (corpse); that is the Inner Image, Mamakaara you carry. 


Then there are few people: ‘Yes, I don’t have.  But, I can swindle from others.’  The second group!  What’s the group name?  OPM!  Living on other people’s resources; Non-contributing elements of society!  Please understand, when this OPM has become too much large, that is the reason Bhagawan has to land, Krishna has to happen, and clear away the whole thing.  Otherwise there is no justification for Mahabharata War.  Still we have not recovered from Mahabharata War, please understand.  What we lost, what all we lost because of Mahabharata War, still we have not recovered.  Still we are suffering the after-effects and side-effects of Mahabharata War.  We lost so much of knowledge, our planes, the technology, everything we had.  We lost everything; because, unfortunately, even the guys with the knowledge also got killed.  What we lost because of Mahabharata War unimaginable.  And no reason for a personality like Bhagawan, Shri Krishna, to conduct this such mass destruction.  I will say, Mahabharata War is equivalent to ‘Pralaya’ (Dissolution of the Cosmos).  All the best things we had, got lost.  Whatever good things, few things are remaining, have escaped from that War; that is why it is there.  The only reason Krishna has to do this mass cleansing, acid wash of the Planet Earth, is, the OPM group has become too much.  People living on Other People’s Money, the other people’s resources – money, power, knowledge, work, whatever – people living on other people’s resources, non-contributing blackmailers.  I tell you, blackmailers are the most sick people on the Planet Earth.  Not just sickening people; sick people.  Listen, there is a difference.  ‘Sickening’ means, you need to be angry towards them.  ‘Sick’ means, you need to be sympathetic towards them.  I tell you, blackmailers are the most sick people, because, not only they feel powerless, they go on try to swindle, live on other people’s resources;  Non-contributing blackmailers.


Listen.  The third group, most intelligent, brilliant, is the group which realizes ‘Whatever is required – intelligence, energy, knowledge, plan of actions, creativity – everything required for me to fulfill what I imagine as my life and mission, and more than that, is already there in my DNA, in my very bio-memory, in my very muscle-memory, in my very bio-energy.  Let me start living it.’  This is the group, the most intelligent, brilliant beings on Planet Earth!  I tell you, they are the salt of the earth.  They are the sugar of the earth.  They are the sweetness of the earth.  They are THE EARTH! 


I tell you, whoever accepts me as Guru, whether you accept me as a teacher, guru, whatever way – some may accept as a teacher who gives knowledge, some may accept as a guru who gives initiation, some may accept an incarnation who gives experience of enlightenment, for some I may be the ‘ishta devatha’ – whatever way you accept, for all of you, please understand, this is the most important precious gift I can give you.  I feel grateful you have taken me as part of your life in some form.  Out of that gratitude and love, I am sharing this truth to you.  Please understand, I can do anything for you to understand this truth.  This one truth, listen, quote, : ‘Whatever you need to feel fulfilled, whether it is Mercedes Benz car outside your house in your portico, or all the time worriless mind, or all the time to be in the space of Shivoham, or the happy relationships in the life, or amazing health, or living with all the extraordinary spiritual powers and siddhis, whatever you imagine is the peak of your life, and which you can’t imagine, knowledge, creativity, power, resources, energy, everything, all the best things are already in your bio-energy, in your bio-memory, in your muscle-memory.  I tell you, you just have to start LIVING IT.  You don’t need to acquire it.  Requirement is not ‘acquiring’.  Requirement is ‘liquidating’.  Requirement is not ‘acquiring’.  Requirement is ‘liquidating’.  Don’t sit on the prime property twenty-five-thousand-crore and die without having bread and butter or breakfast.  Don’t be the owner of the billion dollar property and die without having bread and butter for breakfast.’ Unquote!


Understand, I am not teaching you any delusion.  I am the witness.  I have demonstrated the strength.  So, I have a every right to speak on that strength.  Keeping that strength as a witness, I am telling you, I am not giving you any delusion or illusion.  Whatever required for you to radiate the Shivoham is already, available in your bio-memory, in your muscle-memory, in your bio-energy.  Start LIVING IT.  Let us dedicate this year to start LIVING it.


Yesterday, in the Reception Centre, our Gurukul kids were keeping the rose plants which has grown and dropped all the thorns because of their love and care.  And a few kids were sitting and doing the blindfold reading.  Don’t think it is something extraordinary.  I am revealing the truth now: No kid is taught any special meditation technique or process to do blindfold reading.  I just call them and tell them, ‘Hey, blindfold and read.’  They start reading.  That’s all.  Ask the Gurukul.  There is no syllabus, I am telling you.  There is no syllabus to train the kids for blindfold reading.  Already we have at least one-hundred kids who can read blindfolded.  There is no technique, method.  Shri Advaith (Gurukul Head) was telling, ‘We don’t know how to create a system out of it, Swamiji.’  You can’t create a system.  It is just when the kids have that tremendous trust I call them and tell them, ‘Hey, you can.  Just blindfold and start reading.’  Over!  They start reading. 


I am telling you, all powers, all energies, all the resources required, to tell you honestly, MORE THAN REQUIRED, is in your bio-memory, is in your muscle-memory. 


Listen.  Take the sankalpa for this year: ‘We will go on living, living, living it. LIVING IT!’  Deciding to live it every moment, ‘Come on, I AM Mahadeva.  Let me radiate the Shiva Bodha, the joy of being Mahadeva.  And, he is in my DNA programming.  He is in my bio-memory programming.  He is in my muscle-memory programming.  He is in my bio-energy programming.’  Nothing else can be the truth!


|| पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदम् पूर्णात् पूर्णमुदच्यते ||

|| Poornamadhah Poornamidham Poornaath Poornam Udhachyathey |



If the Whole comes out of the Whole, it has to be on the Whole.  There can never be a hole.  When the Whole comes out of the Whole, it has to be Whole.  There can never be a hole.


Listen.  Whatever may be the Mamakaara, Inner Image, you may carry yourself as Shava or Jeeva, the truth is: YOU ARE SHIVA, MAHADEVA.  Understand, you are the Whole; from the Whole, even when you think you have become part and got separated, you ARE the Whole.  You ARE the Whole.  You ARE the Whole, the ‘W’.  And this means, double victory, double ‘V’ – VV (two ‘V’s joined together become ‘W’).  When you feel you are the Whole, Cosmos, don’t think only you are celebrating; even the Cosmos is celebrating.  That is why double ‘V’, double victory.  Understand, when you feel Shivoham – ‘I am Mahadeva’ – when you feel you are Mahadeva, don’t think only you become ecstatic; I tell you, from this side, Mahadeva is also ecstatic.  Cosmos is waiting to celebrate its glory towards you.  Understand, whenever you declare you are Mahadeva, don’t think Mahadeva is sitting there and saying, ‘How dare you tell I am Mahadeva without becoming pure and capable like me.’ No!  He is telling, ‘You are telling me ‘I am Mahadeva.’  Now I am fitting me in you’!


Understand, Mahadeva is not an envy god.  No.  He is not saying, ‘What?  You say you are Mahadeva?  Have you done tapas like me?  Have you did all the qualification tests?  Have you passed all the qualification?  How can you claim my throne?’  No!  The moment you say, ‘I am Mahadeva’, he says, ‘Wow.  I have one more body through which I can celebrate my existence.’  Understand, he is waiting for more and more people to declare Shivoham.  He is waiting for more and more people to become Gana.  ‘Gana’ means, ‘embodying’.  In Sanskrit, ‘Gana’ means, ‘embodying’.  He is waiting for more and more people to become Shiva Gana, embodying his very existence. 


Many of us think, ‘Oh, if I constantly remember I am Shiva’, one part of you itself question, ‘Hey, I am not qualified.  I have not trained myself.  I have not done the tapas.  How will Shiva accept me as him?’ 


Please understand, in ‘Akshara Mana Maalai’, there is a beautiful one line Ramana Maharshi sings.  Ramana Maharshi is singing:


என்போலுந் தீனரை யின்புறக் காத்துநீ

யெந்நாளும் வாழ்ந்தரு ளருணாசலா


Yen Polum Dheenarai Yin Purakkaathu Nee

Yennaallum Vaazhndharul Arunachala



Understand, he says, ‘Even a person like me’, he is telling about himself – ‘என்போலுந் தீனரை யின்புறக் காத்துநீ (Yen Polum Dheenarai Yin Purakkaathu Nee) – even a person like me, you are saving, establishing, protecting.  O, Arunachala, let you live long.’ 



Understand, I am telling you, through this statement Bhagawan (Ramana Maharshi) is not making himself low; he can never be low; he is revealing the truth: Even if you think you are a ‘dheena’, means, you are a, whatever worst Inner Image you may have about you, He is here, Mahadeva is here to protect and celebrate himself through you. 


Understand, as an insider I am giving you this insider’s secret, the secret tip, insider’s secret: The moment you decide, ‘I will live Shivoham’, the truth, sathya, ‘I am Mahadeva’, immediately Mahadeva starts expressing all the powers of him through your being.  He is not saying, ‘Qualify first; then I will give you.’  No!  You start living, you decide to declare, you decide to live, is the qualification! 


I will tell you a very small, but very sweet incident happened in my quarters.  One of my Mahant made a paper mask like my face.  He wanted to make that and distribute to the devotees for celebration, Jayanthi celebration, and so he made the mask.  And he wanted to show to me and ask my suggestions and input.  He came and he was standing in front of me and putting that mask on himself.  He was showing and try to check how much the hole in the eyes are required to see, how comfortable it will be.  And all that checking was going on.  Suddenly I went into such an ecstasy and joy and bliss.  I saw clearly, just the moment he put the mask on himself, I saw I am already filling him.  That guy was not able to understand why I am suddenly in such an ecstasy and joy.  I told him, ‘Even if you try to wear the mask of Mahadeva, he fills you.’


I tell you, I tell you as an insider, when he was trying to wear the mask, I felt I have become him.  Means, I have multiplied, expanded, and I am so happy to fill myself in him and everyone.  I tell you, this is exactly the formula in which Mahadeva is functioning.  The moment you even remember Shivoham, he immediately rushes into you and fills you and start experimenting, start just radiating, start just radiating.  Not just experimenting; experiencing and radiating, I tell you.  The moment he put the mask, I know he want to be me.  So let me fill him. 


This, the sacred ash, Vibhooti, and Rudraksha (sacred beads), is mask of Mahadeva, understand.  Vibhooti and Rudraksha is the mask of Mahadeva.  The moment you put that and say ‘Shivoham’, he is just filling you and radiating himself through you.


I tell you, ‘Shivoham’ is not just some theory, concept.  It is the ultimate medicine for whatever may be the problem.  It can be as practical, most difficult, real problem, today evening the fellow who gave the loan to you is coming to collect the interest, ten-thousand rupee; and you have only thousand rupee; and you don’t know what to do, how to manage the nine-thousand rupee, which is the crucial problem, the most crucial problem, real problem.  I tell you, even in that problem, the Shivoham is solution.  I am giving you from my experience.  I apply Shivoham wherever I go, whatever I do.  Whether it is morning brushing the teeth, or cleaning the stomach, whether constipation, whether I am dealing with the constipation or the country’s Constitution, I apply only Shivoham, understand!  And Shivoham, Shivoham solves all my problems.  It can be as simple as your constipation, or as difficult problems as conflict with the Constitution!  I don’t have conflict with the Constitution.  Projected conflict, which was forced on me, pushed on me. 


I tell you, for everything I apply this one medicine: SHIVOHAM; and it works, because, the owner of the medicine is waiting to make it work.  Understand, he is waiting to celebrate through every one of us.  He is waiting for just one missed call.  See, if you utter ‘Shivoham’, immediately feel the connection and start expressing powers, it is a ‘live’ call.  If you just uttered ‘Shivoham’ mechanically, ‘Shivoham’ and nothing happened, it’s a ‘missed’ call.  But even if it is a missed call from your side, he never misses responding, replying, calling you back.  All of you have given missed call in the past birth; that is why I called you guys this birth.  Our Enriching Temple never misses a missed call.  We are ‘missed call maniacs’, understand.  We never miss a single missed call. 


Even if you chant mechanically, try to remember mechanically, try to remember for the sake of argument, ‘ehh, If I am Shiva, ok, let this wheezing problem become alright.’, even in that debating way you are trying, understand, even that debated practice, or challenged practice, is a missed call, will never go waste.  Kailasa never misses a single missed call.  Even for a debate, ‘ehh, If I am Mahadeva, let my eyes be healed, let me see.  I will check. I will challenge.’, even in a challenging way, checking way, arguing way, debating way, playful way, how my kids try to check....  Many of my kids, you don’t know, they tell me, ‘Swamiji, sometime I sit in the satsangh and declare, ‘If I am Mahadeva, now Swamiji will raise the left hand and speak’.’  And I am raising the left hand here.  ‘If I am Mahadeva, now Swamiji will adjust his dhoti and cross the leg.’  No, all these things these guys play.  And then they come back and report to me with lot of pride.  ‘Today I did this in the satsangh.  And you exactly did as I wanted.’  Practicing Shivoham playfully, understand, whether you practice it doubtfully, playfully, for the sake of argument or challenging, challenging, whatever way you may practice Shivoham, I tell you, whether it is a live call or a missed call, you will never be missed.  You will never be missed. 


Shivoham really can be a powerful solution.  Try that first.  Have whatever other solutions you think is solution.  I am not saying, ‘No’.  I am not denying.  I am not closing the doors of other solutions.  But, first this, First this!  


Understand, this one Sathya, just this one Sathya.  I tell you, these great truths revealed in our Upanishads are not myth.  ‘Myth’, ‘mythology’, this word is the most abusive word given to our Puranas and Shaastras and Upanishads.  ‘Myth’ is an abusive word.  I am telling you, the right word for our Puranas, Upanishads, Shaastras is ‘Subjective Truth’.  When Bhagavatham says Krishna lifted the whole Goverdhana Hill with his little finger, it is not myth or mythology; it is a subjective truth; person who want to live that truth, for him it IS truth.  Subjective Truth!  Understand, Shivoham is not myth, mythology.  No.  It is Subjective Truth.  Subjective Truth!  Whatever you remember in you, in your inner-space, can either suffocate you or make you blissful, expanded.  If you remember something painful, it suffocates you.  If you remember something blissful, it expands you.  Anything which suffocates you is a ‘pattern’.  Anything you remember, and suffocates you, is ‘pattern’.  Anything you remember, and expands you, is ‘Subjective Truth’.  ‘Shivoham’, ‘Aham Brahmasmi’, ‘Tat Tvam Asi’, ‘Prajnaanam Brahma’, ‘Soham Hamsa’, all these Maha Vaakyas are not myth. It is ‘Subjective Truth’.  Start living it.


Tsunamis don’t stop because of the plastic covers lying on the beach.  Shivoham does not stop because of few stupid incompletions you are having in your being.  Anything which you remember, anything suffocates you by remembrance, is ‘incompletion’.  Anything expands you by remembrance, is ‘Subjective Truth’.  I tell you, tsunami does not get stopped by plastic covers lying on the beach.  ‘Shivoham Tsunami’ does not get stopped by few stupid incompletions lying in your being.  I am not just ‘Shivoham Tsunami’; ‘Super Shivoham Tsunami’. ‘Su-Tsunami’. Understand, this Shivoham Tsunami cannot be stopped by any of the incompletions you remember or don’t remember which is inside you. 



First of all, you need to understand, as a Constitutional setup of consciousness, listen.....  See, your consciousness has a Constitutional set up.  The basic Constitution of the consciousness does not allow incompletions to be inside it.  By its nature, they are ejected out.  Understand, a good DVD player, the moment you put corrupt CD, as a setup it just ejects it out; it does not play.  It does not tolerate it.  Same way, the Constitutional setup of your consciousness does not play with incompletion.  By its very nature, it just ejects it, rejects it.  So, don’t be sitting and calculating the plastic covers and coffee tumblers (cups) lying in Marina Beach (the beach in Chennai), and thinking that ‘Such a dirty place.  How will the tsunami come?’  Tsunami cannot be stopped by the plastic covers.  Shivoham cannot be stopped by the small incompletions you think you are having.  As I said, start living.  Start living.  Start living.  That is the only key!  I can bless you tons of times; but only YOU can live it.  So, more than my blessings, you need YOUR blessings. 



This hand is always showing, Victory, Victory, Victory, (Swamiji forms a ‘V’ with the fingers of one hand) and want to join. This hand (Swamiji forms a ‘V’ with the fingers of the other hand) also should decide to join.  Only then it becomes Whole (when the two ‘Vs’ join together it becomes ‘W’)!  So, this will become our new emblem and mudra to remember when you feel victorious, Mahadeva feels victorious.  He wants you to be victorious, because, that is the way he feels victorious.  The Whole celebrates you feeling as Whole, because the Whole feels fulfilled when you feel you are Whole.   Understand, I am telling you the secret.  He wants you to experience Shivoham.  Otherwise, why should he come down from Kailasa?  He wants you to experience Shivoham.  There is no other reason for him to make himself available to you other than making you experience Shivoham, because, he also celebrates you experiencing Shivoham, understand?  Remember this one line: HE CELEBRATES WHEN HE IS ABLE TO MAKE YOU CELEBRATE.  Because, Mahadeva loves you!  This is the real meaning of ‘God loves you’, understand. 



The meaning of Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi’s line –



என்போலுந் தீனரை யின்புறக் காத்துநீ

யெந்நாளும் வாழ்ந்தரு ளருணாசலா


Yen Polum Dheenarai Yin Purakkaathu Nee

Yennaallum Vaazhndharul Arunachala


means, the meaning is not Bhagawan is the worst person.  He says, ‘Even the worst persons are protected, saved, celebrated, lived.  O, Mahadeva, because you are doing this, let you live long.’  If he is a ‘dheena’, how can he bless Mahadeva?  Just understand.  Don’t you see the whole conflict?  He says in the first line:


என்போலுந் தீனரை

 Yen Polum Dheenarai


In the next line:


யெந்நாளும் வாழ்ந்தரு ளருணாசலா

Yennaallum Vaazhndharul Arunachala


And he blesses him.  Understand, he has a powerful message in that one line.  Even if you think you are lowest, you have the right and capacity to bless Mahadeva, because YOU ARE HIM, he celebrates through you.  When you celebrate, he celebrates through you.  When the microcosm dances, macrocosm joins.  When you do ‘nata’, ‘natana’ (dance), Nataraja (the King of Dance, Mahadeva) joins, understand.


How much ever I may speak, remind, repeat, repeat, repeat, ultimately you need to decide to bless yourself by start LIVING IT.  And I bless you all today specially for that also.  Let everyone who heard this satsangh directly, who are going to hear the repeat telecast, let everyone live Advaitha.  Arrey, I tell you, it is simply possible to make this as a lifestyle.  I am not the guy who will waste time in talking some stupid, foolish, useless theories.  No.  I am telling you, I won’t waste time in talking some useless things.  I won’t waste my time and your time in talking something useless, impractical.  No.  I value my time, and I value your time.  I value my time, and I value your time, understand.  And I value my inner-space, and I value your inner-space.  See, when I value my time, I can’t disrespect your time!  When I am so careful about my inner freedom, I can’t interfere into your inner freedom.  So, with all the responsibility I am telling you, the truth is: You are programmed for Shivoham.  You are programmed as Mahadeva.  You now just need to start living it, radiating it, radiating it, radiating it.


So, today, not just as a message, but as a blessing, I give for everyone.  Let everyone radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing Living Advaitha, the eternal bliss, Nithyananda.  Nithyananda.  Nithyananda. Be Blissful. Thank you. Be blissful.



Now I offer my humble respects and gratitude for many of the prominent saints who are gracing the stage now here in the program. During the satsangh they came, so I was not able to welcome them and announce their names. So I sincerely ask all of them to apologize me. Here the Maikantaara Adheenam Maikanthar Peetam Thondemanadala Adheenam Gurumaha Sannidanam is gracing the hall and Parama Poojya Sri Rameshwarananda Saraswathi Maharaj - Mahamandaleshwar of Mahanirvani Akhada and Vishweshwaranandapuri Maharaj - Mahamandaleshwar of Mahanirvani Akhada, and the Mahamandaleshwar of Mahanirvani Akahada Atmanandapuriji Maharaj and Mahant of Mahanirvani Akhada Ravindragiri Maharaj, Ravindragiri Maharaj from Kashi, and many more sadhus are here, Vairagyapuri Maharaj, all of them, because they all came in between the satsangh I could not welcome them at that time. So now I welcome all of you with my respects. And I also ask you to apologize me for not receiving you or welcoming you while you entered the hall.