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07-Sep-2016 Detoxify Your Third Eye from Fluoride and Neuro Toxins
12-Oct-2015 Devotion or Renunciation is Your Choice
02-Mar-2015 Discover Your Consciouness
04-Dec-2016 Do Top Atheletes Experience The State of Pure Consciousness? Q&A, Going Beyond Tiredness And Boredom (from Sadashivoham Prgoram 2016)
01-Feb-2015 Don't be Afraid of Change
04-Aug-2016 Don’t Hide Behind Your Blind Spots‬
13-Oct-2015 Drop Your Irrational Rational Logic
16-Nov-2016 Drop your obstacles for Sadashivoham 2016 - Soma Mandala
20-May-2015 Education Based Ganges-Sarasvati Civilization
23-Jan-2016 Eternal Life Process - Isa Upanishad Mantra 17
20-Oct-2015 Even when I pray, I am You; SOHAMASMI
08-Mar-2015 Everything Exists in You
30-Jun-2016 Everything Exists Is God - Sarvam Brahmopanishadam
24-Sep-2015 Evolving Your Perception
28-Sep-2016 Experience Sadashiva, Manifest Powers with Integrity
05-Oct-2016 Experience Your Spiritual Alchemy at Sadashivoham 2016
11-Jul-2016 Faith System on Hindu Tradition
09-Oct-2015 Fall in love with seeking
12-Jan-2016 Ferocious Seeking - The Essence & Only Priority of Life
31-Aug-2016 Find the Immortality In You, Amritatvam
13-May-2015 Flow And Law Of Your Life, Yama Dharma
25-Oct-2016 Get Ready to Read 'Akashic' Cosmic Records - Sadashivoham 2016
24-Sep-2016 Glimpses of Sadashivoham - 25 States, 11 Dimensions, 5 Aspects of Sadashiva
07-Oct-2016 Grow 'Sattvik Ananda', the Non-violent Bliss from Sashtanga Yoga
23-Jul-2016 Have Eternal Romance with the Cosmos - Spiritual Beauty Technique
11-Nov-2016 Hinduism is Real, experience it in Sadashivoham 2016
28-Aug-2016 How To Create What You Want - on Willpower, Will Persistence, and Will Arrogance
02-Feb-2016 Innocent Surrender Not Ignorant Surrender
08-Nov-2016 Integrity, the Principal Force of Sadashiva, Advaita, Cosmic Oneness
05-Feb-2016 Kenopanishad, the Thought Current for Seeking the Source
16-Oct-2016 Leaders of Hinduism visit Nithyananda Peetham