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22-Feb-2016 Your Path to Inner Awakening 3: Why Have a Guru in Your Life?
27-Feb-2015 Your Immortality is The Truth
13-Apr-2015 You Are Untouched By Incompletion
26-Oct-2016 Yogic Body Guaranteed at Sadashivoham 2016 – Malakamba, Rope Yoga
02-Jan-2015 Who Wrote Upanishads?
15-Aug-2016 Who is the Most Beautiful Being?
03-Aug-2016 What Will You Choose – Good or Pleasant?
07-Oct-2015 What is the essence of your life?
21-Feb-2015 What is Good? What is Bad?
19-Mar-2015 What Enlightens Your Senses and Mind?
23-Oct-2016 Webinar: Decoding the Maya Matrix with Paramahamsa Nithyananda
03-Mar-2015 Way To Realize Reality
04-Nov-2015 Wake-Up To Your God Particle
26-Oct-2016 Upgrading Yourself – the Purpose of Sadashivoham 2016
21-Jan-2015 Upanishads: Your Incompletions Can Never Be Real
20-Jan-2015 Upanishads – Made User Friendly for Society
16-Jan-2015 Upanishads – Love is a Mental Cure All
08-Jan-2015 Upanishads teaches how to live advaita
06-Jan-2015 Upanishads Make Incarnations
13-Mar-2015 Upanishads are a Conscious Acid Wash
25-Jan-2015 Upanishads - The True Source of Living
03-Jan-2015 Upanishads - The First Books Ever Written
05-Jan-2015 Upanishads - The Expression of The Cosmos
07-Jan-2015 Upanishads - Recieve the Sacred Cognition
10-Jan-2015 Upanishad is The Word of The Universe
16-Apr-2015 Train Your Brain To Reflect Consciousness
08-Sep-2016 Third Eye Science - Neither Mysticism nor Occultism
23-Sep-2016 Third Eye Science - Naturally Super not Supernatural
25-Feb-2015 The Visiting Card of Consciousness
09-Jul-2016 The Supreme Thought Current of Manifesting
17-Aug-2016 The Space Not The Place Matters