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I learned to listen not with my powerful

One of things I learned in Inner Awakening, is how to right listen, in the presence of Swamiji, I understood the sounds which are reaching my center; inner space. I thought I was a great listener. I was astounded to find out that I wasn't at all. Just using my hearing, all I did was create more words and thoughts..adding more to a cluttered mind. From this course, the right listening with sounds and words, I had a deeper silence within me. Strange to write this but it is true. More clarity and a higher reality. In my work, all the managers report to me and I work in a large, fast-paced corporation. The change within me has been recognized by my CEO...I now have a new position, more money, benefits with more vacation so I can come to more programs. The ultimate. If you listen right, you will be coming to this program.