Yoga of Divine Feminine

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This is a 3hr workshop for complete rejuvenation Men: awaken your creative energy Women: shower your grace on the world Find the only key to true fulfillment Moon salutation: a sacred yogic practice to awaken the Divine Feminine Practical session-1:30 hr Moon Salutation – The Yoga of Divine Feminine Reconnect and Rejuvenate with the Moon Salutation-Chandra Namaskar! Everyone in the world, from any culture, any race, age or gender, all are looking for one thing: fulfillment. More often that not, we seek fulfillment in the name of relationships, kids, money, properties, intellectual knowledge, name and fame, prestige, and so on… There is a point in life where we realize that the happiness we hoped for is simply not there in the material world. The kind of happiness we get momentarily from acquiring material things vanishes the following day, to be replaced by one more desire. It’s a vicious circle…We need to look in. In this unique yoga workshop, you will experience…
  • Inner Silence & Peace of Mind
  • Brimming Creativity
When you experience these inherent qualities of your being, you naturally feel fulfilled with life. The ancient sacred practice of Moon Salutation will give you the experience of the Divine Feminine energy in you, and the opportunity to explore and expand the unique creative energy of your Being! Paramahamsa Nithyananda says: “Awakening the sacred feminine energy is enlightenment.” Take a leap into enlightenment with the Moon Salutation, and find the true fulfillment of your Being. If you would like to know more about this program, or organize for an acharya to visit your city, please contact us at [email protected]