Pregnancy Care

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So… you’re thinking about having a baby. Perhaps this will be your first child, and you’re embarking on starting your family. Perhaps you have a beloved small person in your life already, and you look forward to welcoming a second or even a third child into your home. Many questions present themselves as we consider the great step of creating a new human being. All are important: our finances, the concerns of our parents and parents-in-law, balancing our careers with the baby’s needs, discussing our ideals and dreams with our friends and loved ones so we can clarify what kind of family we want to create. Here are some questions that are less common, but just as exciting and thought-provoking. What if…. your ideas and wishes about your future child could become reality, in every detail you envision? What if…. you could communicate with your baby before it arrives in your arms? What if…. you could experience pregnancy and childbirth with assurance, confidence and independence? If you could be in charge of your experience rather than wondering how the process will go? What if… you could create a lifestyle before your baby’s birth that supports maximum health, intelligence and awareness for your child? Welcome to Pregnancy Care, where the world of childbirth and parenting opens into a vibrant new dimension of consciousness. Throughout human history, people have sought to understand the miracle of birth and participate more fully in the process. Pregnancy Care brings that goal within our reach. Founded on the latest cutting-edge science and technology, parents-to-be are provided with information, tools, techniques and support to design a healthy, happy and fulfilling family life from its inception. Extensive studies have shown that the most successful and healthful family lives are begun before the next generation is conceived. From the time that aspiring parents consider their dream of family, the framework is laid to make it a physical reality. This pre-conception care ensures that the new baby’s life takes shape within the best possible environment. The pre-conception care is continued and established as a permanent lifestyle, so that both child and parents are nourished and fulfilled. Pregnancy Care offers complete education, preparation and support to create the family life you want. Taught with warmth, humor and knowledge, the course covers all aspects of the child-bearing and rearing process. Pregnancy Care is helpful to parents and would-be parents at all stages of their new role. Whether your baby is still a dream, or due next week, or has already arrived and is both delighting and puzzling your life, Pregnancy Care has tips and insights to answer your questions and solve the confusion that all new parents face at times. Give yourselves and your new baby the best gift of all – the gift of understanding and confidence. Enroll in Pregnancy Care and embark on the journey of parenthood with a road map to clarity and excellence. Creation of Mystical babies with extra-ordinary powers and intelligence, who are highly evolved and inspired is no more a dream. ENLIGHTENED PREGNANCY BRINGING ENLIGHTENED KIDS TO THE WORLD