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This morning devotees gathered to offer Paduka Pada Puja (an offering of gratitude to the sacred sandals of the master) followed by chanting from Guru Gita and the daily ‘Nithya Satsang’.  Today is day 6 of Inner Awakening + En-genius programs, as well as the 22nd batch of the Nirahara (No-Food) Samyama, Level 4.  Before commencing the Nithya Satsang, Swamiji offered his heartfelt condolences for the death of Global Leader and inspirational figure Nelson Mandela – ‘May his soul rest in peace’. Today’s Satsang was about Completion.  Swamiji emphasised that we must not delay the completion process, we must address our important Incompletions now, without delay. Our Incompletions won’t keep quiet, and if we don’t complete, they will destroy our whole body and mind.  Swamiji proceeded by taking live calls from devotees in ‘Dial the Avatar’ and gave individual blessings in ‘Sarva Darshan’.