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This morning devotees gathered to offer Paduka Pada Puja (an offering of gratitude to the sacred sandals of the master) followed by chanting from Guru Gita and the daily ‘Nithya Satsang’.  Today is day 9 of Inner Awakening + En-genius programs, as well as the 22nd batch of the Nirahara (No-Food) Samyama, Level 4.  Today Swamiji expanded on his revelation about God – “All of us are Gods! Not equally powerful, but infinitely powerful! Infinitely intelligent! We don’t need one boss or guiding post, we can just live trusting our own intelligence. Swamiji explained that with this understanding, we can eradicate all spiritual terrorism, as we will have no need to declare out supremacy over others. All paths are infinitely powerful. There is no need to fight. We only need to express our power and intelligence more and more. When we are powerful we will only be compassionate, it is only out of powerlessness that we declare supremacy over others. Nithya Satsang concluded with a powerful Upanishad (sitting with the master and mirroring his neuron activity) and individual blessings in ‘Sarva Darshan’.