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This morning in the daily Nithya Satsang, Swamiji gave a monumental speech about the Hindu concept of God.“As an apolitical, legitimate, clear voice of Hinduism, and as the Mahamandaleshwar of the oldest apex body of Hinduism, an embodiment of Advaitic experience, today I clear this doubt once and for all.  Hindus do not believe in one god! The ultimate experience of Hinduism - Advaita - does not support the idea of one god!  The experiential expression of Advaita is infinite gods, all infinitely powerful, without the need for any one superior or supreme personality or supreme godhead...All of us are gods and we don’t need to fight with each other, we don’t need any superior body to guide us all, to rotate us, or to hold up a traffic signal for all of us.  Are any of the planets having traffic police? Putting up traffic signals? No!  They are all independently intelligence.” “As an experiential expression of Advaita, Vedanta and Advaitic principles, today I wanted to make this understanding to all of you, and this will be the stand for all the questions related to God officially by Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam.  And, this is the stand of all the Vedic Rishis. Only this experiential expression answers all the questions created, all the questions which come up, by all the philosophers.” “What I am saying today may look like a very simple declaration, but you will see, the whole of Hinduism is going to be revolutionized by this understanding! The whole of humanity is going to be revolutionized by this one understanding: Hinduism believes in infinite gods, not multiple gods.Neither one god nor multiple gods, it believes in infinite gods, and, all of them are infinitely powerful, without any requirement of one superior person, body, godhead, personality... to guide or regulate the infinitely powerful, infinite number of gods.”