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Today is the auspicious Deepam festival!

In the morning, during Bharani Deepam, His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda blesses the celebrations, lighting the first Deepam lamp. He honors each Temple Deity, placing the lamps at their feet. His lamp is then carried to all Deities and Murties around the ashram. Each department is responsible for keeping lamp lit all day until evening, at which time the fire is returned to the Temple. 

At the evening Karthigai Deepam, all the small lamps are returned to the main Lamp at the Temple, which is lit by His Holiness at the same time it is happening at Arunachula - many lamps become one. Just as we perceive we are separate from the Cosmos, Mahadeva, the Lamps symbolize how with self-realization, we merge with the Cosmos, returning back to our Source.