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Glimpses from International Yoga Day 2018 at Nithyananda Peetham, Bengaluru Aadheenam

On the occasion of #InternationalYogaDay, Nithyananda Yogis hosted a special webinar demonstrating the extraordinary feats one becomes capable of after practicing Nithyananda Yoga - the authentic, original Yoga from the source practiced as Adi Yogi Sadashiva intended it to be.

Nithyananda Yoga is unique in that it not only works on the physical level or mental level but on 7 layers of the body called as Koshas in Vedic tradition. Nithyananda Yoga emphasizes on the chanting of the original verses written in the Yogic scriptures while performing the Asanas, to give credit to the source and as a way to authenticate the Yoga practice with a time-tested tradition.

In the webinar, Balasants from Nithyananda Gurukul performed a Shalaka Pariksha - an ancient Vedic tradition where the adept Yogi offers to take a test and demonstrate his knowledge and experience in the field. The Balasants randomly selected palm leaves with Yogic Asana Pramanas and Yogic Shakti Pramanas written on them, and then went on to successfully demonstrate each Asana and Shakti. These included extraordinary superhuman abilities like the power to alter someone's pulse, the power to move matter with consciousness, the power to decrease or increase someone's weight, the power to scan and heal a body, and the power of scanning and seeing a remote location or person.