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Day began with Joy and bliss, entire Nithyananda family united together - the Ashramites, Volunteers, devotees. With deep surrender and gratitude offered their humble respects and gratitude at the feet of our beloved Swamiji. Followed by that got Diwali blessings and all of them shared the Diwali sweeta with one another. With so much of love and care, it was a scene to witness. All Ashramites their lunch together, lots of laughter, sharings, fun, jokes...shared light moments...

Then had Para Bhakti sessions wherein few sannyasis of Nithyananda order, shared their expeiernce of being with Swamiji which exposed their Divine qualities to others.

Evening there were fireworks celebrations with all of them enjoying the lights and crakers and rockets and shouting out ~~~"HaPpY dIwAlI"~~~