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The Inner Awakening  12-12-12 Cruise

December 8, 2012 - Day 1

by an IA participant

You could feel the excitement in the air as all the participants began to gather to board the cruise of their “lifetimes” – The Inner Awakening 2012 Cruise with Swamiji.

Checking in was a relatively straightforward process – we filled out our health forms, checked in our bags (which was going to be delivered directly to our cabins), and used this time to catch up with their extended family - fellow devotees who had come in from around  the world.

Welcome, lunch and registration

At about 2pm, participants boarded the ship, and were greeted by a warm welcome by ashramites of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, It was very exciting to see the familiar and friendly faces from the ashram welcoming us. For many of us, it was a return to Inner Awakening again, and a reunion of sorts from previous IAs, LEP, LBE and Kailash trips. The participants headed straight to lunch. As always, as one comes to expect from IA, the food was delicious. After lunch and a quick break to their rooms, we all assembled to collect our Inner Awakening badges. And  entered the hall for the first IA session.

Session 1

We gathered in a theatre style hall and sat down to a peaceful meditation in preparation for us to receive Swamiji under the starlit high ceiling of The Theatre on the 7th level of the Cruise . As the meditation ended and the curtains rose, we had our first Darshan of Swamiji. The moment we were waiting for had finally come! And needless to say, it was amazing!. The spectacular ambience, the feeling connection with the Master and the waiting of a lifetime for something like this made it a very emotional experience. We were ready to cruise into a higher consciousness.

And then Swamiji delivered the introduction session. As in most IAs, the introduction sessions was very special. Swamiji  gave a groundbreaking talk declaring this Inner Awakening as being the IA Level -2. He explained how we are going to lead the world into new consciousness. He said, “You are at the right time, at the right place, with the right *person* and with the right company”. He said, in intensity this group of participants was equivalent to 10000 people! And then he declared “this Inner Awakening is  not anymore about making disciples; it is about making gurus!” Wow!


After the powerful introduction session and Darshan, Swamiji announced that there was a surprise candlelight dinner with Swamiji. Yaaaay !!! We all gathered on the 11th floor open deck of the ship, which was like an open-air restaurant, overlooking the night-lights and skyscrapers . We gathered with our plates around Swamiji; and no matter where everyone was sitting, all their eyes were on Swamiji, soaking in every moment. We also had the Captain of the ship, and the other Ship Directors join Swamiji for the dinner. Swamiji thanked them for the hospitality they showed and also welcomed the captain of the ship to the Inner Awakening sessions. Maybe we will see him at our sessions soon! There was more to come. The grand finale of the evening was Swamiji posing for photographs with  participants, much to the delight of everyone.

And that was the end of an action packed Day 1. The participants returned back to their cabins to retire for the night and meet again for … you guessed it right, Yoga at 5:30 am!