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All the 4 petitions placed before the High Court of Karnataka relating to Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s case have today been adjudicated in favor of Nithyananda.

Earlier this year, the CID of Karnataka had petitioned the High Court to cancel Nithyananda’s and his disciple Nithya Bhaktananda’s bail (Crl.P.2458/2011 and Crl.P.2459/2011), to which Nithyananda’s counsel had filed a counter-petition seeking dismissal of this petition. In an order passed by Hon’ble Judge Keshavanarayana this afternoon, the High Court dismissed the CID’s petition for cancellation of Nithyananda’s bail, and has waived his bail conditions, including all travel restrictions, till 31 Dec 2011.

While dictating his order, Hon’ble Judge Keshavanarayana set aside the restrictive order of the Ramanagara magistrate and also observed that her actions were uncalled for.