Sannyasi of Nithyananda ashram passes away due to cardiac arrest - Mother's statement about her healing

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Ms. Sangeetha Arjunan (Ma Nithya Turiyateetananda), a sannyasi at Nithyananda ashram passed away on 28 December 2014 due to sudden cardiac arrest. Her family has had a history of cardiac problems leading to death at a young age. Her sister and cousin also had died at a young age due to cardiac problems.  Her cousin had also died of cardiac arrest one day before Ms Sangeetha. Hospital sources confirmed that Ms. Sangeetha’s death was a natural death as well given her family history of heart issues. Ms Sangeetha's mother also had expressed deep gratitude at how on her daughter's death she was helped to come out of depression and healed of her heart and kidney failure by Sri Nithyananda Swami. 


Here is the CCTV footage showing clearly how she was fine right before the cardiac arrest:


Here are the accounts of:

1) the doctor who gave the medical support to Ms. Sangeetha


2) a co-sannyasini at the ashram:


Here is the testimonial of Ms Sangeetha's mother explaining how she was healed of her health problems:

In Ms Sangeetha's mother's words:

"I see Swamiji as my mother, my father, my God!

I was in great depression because my daughter died.

I was taking a lot of medicines and I had heart failure and kidney failure. I was very worried.

The doctor told me that I had just six months to live – even if I undergo the operation!

During that period I got the news about Swamiji. I attended NSP (meditation program) in Madras in 2006.

During the four days’ program, Swamiji dissolved all my problems and sent me back as a new human being!

Till today, I have not gone to the doctor or done any tests. I am challenging the doctor who told me that I will live for only six months – I am alive for the past 7 years! It is all due to Swamiji’s grace.

I owe so much to Swamiji. Till the last moment of my life, I will do seva for Swamiji.

I am ready to do any work that is given to me!