Nithyananda Gurukul seeks protection against vested interests trying to harass the children

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Nithyananda Gurukul was recently faced with harassment where some alleged 'officials' tried to force themselves into the Gurukul premises as 'Child Protection Officers'. The Gurukul has sent legal notices from the administration and the parents of the children have also sent legal notices about this. A communication of the same has also been sent to the Home Minister, Karnataka as seen below. Copies have been sent to the Chief Minister of Karnataka, The Child and Women Welfare Minister of Karnataka, the District Commissioner of Ramanagara and Superintendent of Police of Ramanagara.

Over 40 parents have also expressed their ire over this targeted harassment and taken up various legal means of redressal as well as communicated strongly with the relevant authorities clarifying that they are the ones who have voluntarily enrolled their wards into Nithyananda Gurukul and that they are very happy with the education and care provided for them by the Gurukul.