SWAMIJI Files HIS first-ever Criminal Defamation Complaint

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In a historic move that marks his first ever personal legal action against the religious aggressors, who have been persecuting him and the organization for over two years, Paramahamsa Nithyananda filed his first criminal defamation Complaint today at the Bangalore District Court.

The Complaint was filed before Justice Rudolph Ferreira against the Tamil bi-weekly magazine Kumudam Reporter, for publishing a series of utterly false and perverted articles crossing all boundaries of journalistic or even human ethics, in the aftermath of the release of the defamatory morphed video in March 2010. One of the chief respondents being Charu Nivedita, the infamous soft porn writer, Kumudam Reporter and its editorial team has a lot to answer for in the proceedings to come. Through a 600-page submission, Nithyananda's counsel Sri KV Dhananjay filed the matter in open court while Nithyananda was personally present, and obtained a date of 28 Apr 2012 as the date for the next proceeding.

Click here to view the criminal defamation Complaint against Kumudam report