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22 July 2012: In a tragic-comic incident in Bangalore yesterday, Bhimashankar Patil, working president of pseudo-Kannada activist group ‘Karnataka Navanirmana Sene’, faced the wrath of the Kannada public when he was beaten up by a group of outraged citizens for fraud and cheating of innocent people.

Patil, who has a criminal track-record, had been using the façade of his so-called Kannada activist group to extract money from students and youngsters by promising them jobs. He was also expert in luring women into relationships by promising to marry them, and then abandoning them at will.

bheemashankar attack on nithyananda ashramIt may be recalled that Patil had spearheaded the attack on Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s Bidadi ashram on June 8th this year, trespassing into the ashrams’ private property with a mob of hooligans, assaulting the unarmed ashram members and later going on to file a false case charging Paramahamsa Nithyaananda and fifty of his disciples with armed assault.

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Yesterday, a group of people who had been cheated by Patil confronted him and demanded that he either get them the promised jobs or return their money. When Patil denied all knowledge of the facts, the enraged group apparently attacked him in full public view, using their hands, feet and even their footwear.

Speaking to a TV channel over the phone today, Patil, who is already facing charges of fraud and cheating in North Karnataka, claimed that the people accusing him had ‘no proof’ of the fact that he had taken money from them. Ironically, Patil, who had been videotaped physically assaulting both male and female members of Nithyananda ashram last month, said it was ‘uncultured’ of the public to attack him on the road.

Although an unrepentant Patil claimed that some of his ‘detractors’ were responsible for the attack, Sri Basavaraj Kanagonda, the secretary of the students’ wing of Karnataka Navanirmana Sene, said that the students who had been cheated had produced all the necessary documents, but to no avail.

Incidentally, the footage of the public attack on Patil bears an uncanny resemblance to the attack on the Nithyananda ashram members by the Karnataka Navanirmana Sene mob last month, making one wonder if divine justice is at work here.

In a related incident, it has come to light that Patil has recently abandoned a woman with whom he had carried on a long-term relationship by promising her marriage, and is now on the lookout for new brides in North Karnataka.