Madhya Pradesh transport and IT minister visits the Nithyananda Camp in Ujjain 27 th April 2016, Nithyananda Camp, Kumbh Mela, Ujjain

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Bhupendra Singhji, transport and IT minister for the state of Madhya Pradesh and his team, visited the Nithyananda Camp in Ujjain. Bhupendra Singhji is the State Governments minister in charge of Kumbh Mela. Paramahamsa Nithyananda remarked that this was the best organized Kumbh Mela he had ever attended and thanked the government and praised Bhupendra Singhs able leadership which is making this possible.

A sum of Rs. 3000 crore has already been spent on various works for the biggest religious congregation on the earth and the expenditure may rise to Rs. 5000 crore till its conclusion, Mr Bhupendra Singh had earlier said. Arrangements of bathing are being made for over a crore devotees expected to throng Ujjain during the month-long festivities.