Learn the Science of Manifestation at Nithyananda Peetam

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8 May 2016



Kalpatharu, the science of manifesting what we want in to reality is a vedic power that is a possibility for every human being. The Kumbh Mela is the place where one can hope to meet exponents of such ancient and mystical powers. Nithyananda Peetam in Ujjain is unique in the sense that here some of these mystical powers are being made into a utility for day to day life for common people.


A day long, free program called Kalpatharu is being held every day at Nithyananda Peetam, Ujjain. Over a 100 people participate every day. Makhand Singh Patidhar and his brother Ramachandra Singh Patidhar are from Iklera in Rajghad Jhilla of Madhya Pradesh. They have been living in Kumbh Puri for 14 days now. They said, “So many people told us about the Kalpatharu event at Nithyananda Peetam. We did not want to miss. We have been here from 8 am. We are eagerly waiting for Swamiji’s darshan.” They went on to say that “We are feeling very blissful (Ananda aa gaya). What we have seen and experienced today, we have never experienced before. Never had darshan of so many beautiful deities in one place. The seva they do here is great. We have never seen such a divine Yaaga Shaala.”


Rashmi Asawa, housewife from Indore said that she was very happy to have stayed back a few days at Kumbh Nagari, Ujjain. She says, “I am feeling good after the class today. We were taught how to look within when something does not happen the way we want. Blaming God at that time is not what is required. We need to see the thoughts that we carry and transform them. I understand that I am responsible for what happens in my life and I have the power in me to alter situations in my life.”


Her son, Swarit, who studies in the 2 nd standard at ECT. Bagless school, Indore in a playful way said that “If there is fear, we should face the fear. Then it goes away.” He said, “I also saw a demonstration of the Third Eye. We wrote my dad’s mobile number and the kid read it out with her eyes blindfolded. Third Eye is good. It gives you information.”