Karnataka City Civil Court orders stay of Telugu film ‘Swami Satyananda’ in all languages, Andhra Pradesh Film Censor board complies with court order, executes heavy cuts on the Telugu film ‘Ayyare’, thus honoring Nithyananda counsel's objections

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Nithyananda’s counsel held a press meet in Hyderabad on 22 Nov 2011 briefing the Press on the two Telugu movies 'Swami Satyananda' and 'Ayyare'.


The Telugu film, ‘Swami Sathyananda’ produced by Sri Jyothi Prasad and Smt.Lakshmi and directed by Sri Madan Patel and featuring Sri Ravi Chetan and also Sri Ali has been restrained from release, promotion and exhibition by the Hon’ble City Civil Court, Bangalore by its Order on 11-Nov-2011. The said Order would apply throughout the territory of India. (Order copy will be posted shortly.)


It may be noted here that on 20-Sep-2011, the Hon’ble City Civil Court, Bangalore had restrained release, promotion and exhibition of the Kannada film, ‘Sathyananda’. The defendants in that case were Sri Madan Patel and Sri Ravi Chetan.


However, only thereafter, Nithyananda’s counsel learnt that Sri Madan Patel had proceeded to violate that Order by teaming up certain persons in Hyderabad to modify the same Kannada film into a Telugu film. Accordingly, Nithyananda’s counsel filed an application to the City Civil Court under Order 39 Rule 2A of the Civil Procedure Code, 1908.


Under the above provision, a person who violates an Order of a Court as well as any other person who helps such person can be imprisoned for 3 months and their property can be attached. Accordingly, the Hon’ble City Civil Court has issued Notice under the above provision to all the five defendants Sri Madan Patel, Sri Ravi Chetan, Sri Jyothi Prasad, Smt.Lakshmi and Sri Ali on why they should not be punished for 3 months in jail and why their property should not be attached. Also, the Civil Court has restrained the release, promotion and exhibition of the Telugu film, ‘Swami Sathyananda’.


Several materials were presented to the Court by Nithyananda’s counsel and on the basis of those materials, the Court reached a prima facie conclusion that the so called Telugu film ‘Swami Sathyananda’ is nothing but a voice dubbed Kannada feature film, ‘Sathyananda’.


Telugu film ‘Ayyare’:


Nithyananda’s counsel had proceeded against ‘Ayyare’ before the Hon’ble Andhra Pradesh High Court. The Hon’ble High Court had permitted Nithyananda’s counsel to raise their objections before the Censor Board. Accordingly, they had raised several objections before the Censor Board at Hyderabad.


Nithyananda’s counsel is pleased to state that they have learnt that all of their objections have been duly considered by the Censor Board and the film ‘Ayyare’ has been modified by the Censor Board so as to delete every reference or indication to Paramahamsa Nithyananda. As such, at this point of time, Nithyananda’s counsel does not hold any objection to the release of the film ‘Ayyare’. Further, they are also pleased with the fact that the Censor Board has taken the right steps to ensure that any film that receives a Censor Certificate steers clear of defaming a living person.

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