Folk Dance Extravaganza at Nithyananda Camp today at Simhasta Kumbh

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The Nithyananda Camp at Simhastha Kumbh continues to be the most happening place in Kumbh Puri. Today about 30 folk dancers from Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu visited the Nithyananda Camp. To the delight of the 2000+ participants, they showcased beautiful performances of ancient dance forms and martial arts. 3 troupes staged riveting performances of “Karagam” and “Dummy Horse Dance” and other folk art. “Karagam” is a folk dance performed in the Tamil Nadu in praise of the rain goddess "Mari Amman" and the river goddess "Gangai Amman". The audience was enthralled by the intricate movements and the rustic beauty of the dance art. The electrifying presence of Paramahamsa Nithyananda brought the performance to life and the show ended with the whole group of 2000+ dancing and fully enjoying the performance.

Thousands are scheduled to arrive in the next few days from 47 countries to participate in a unique program where Paramahamsa Nithyananda will initiate people into 70 ancient powers or siddhis. Paramahamsa Nithyananda has powerfully revived authentic Hinduism in all parts of the world and this program will be about being initiated into the powers (or siddhis) that are shared in the ancient Hindu texts while celebrating the lifestyle and pride of being Hindu.