Extradition Process Started for MS. Arathi Rao the False Rape Victim in Sri Nithyananda Swami Case

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Ann Arbor, MI (USA) - On October 9, 2014 the Honorable Court of The Trial Court for the County of Washtenaw in the State of Michigan, USA ordered a Bench Warrant for Arrest against Aarthi S. Rao for her failure to appear before the Court in the hearing of the case 13-714-CZ. 


Since Ms. Arathi Rao, a US citizen, has been out of her home country and living in India since the past 3 years without returning to her home country inspite of several summons by various Courts in USA (Courts in the States of Michigan, California, Ohio, St. Louis) the execution of the arrest warrant issued by the USA Court for her contempt of court is being escalated into extradition proceedings already underway to bring Ms. Rao, a U.S. citizen, back to the U.S. from India.


The Court ordered:


IT IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT Defendant Aarthi Rao is held in contempt of the Court for violation of this Court’s Order.


A further order by the same court, entered on October 20, 2014, ordered that the “Sheriff’s Department shall enter the attached Bench Warrant regarding Defendant Aarthi Rao into the National Crime Information Center database.”



Ms. Arathi Rao is facing penal proceedings as well as penalty of over half a million dollars for various crimes committed in USA including making the same false allegations of rape over 5 years and 40 times by Sri Nithyananda Swami in various locations in USA and India.