Criminal Activity against Expert Witness of Nithyananda Foundation in U.S. Civil Case

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GRANADA HILLS, CA – On Saturday, March 3 2012, the laptop which was carrying critical legal information belonging to a devotee , a key expert in the case of Popatlal K. Savla v. Nithyananda Foundation, was stolen from her place of stay. Strangely, nothing else was stolen from the house, except a camera in which the thief probably assumed was a surveillance camera catching him in the act. The thief literally went through a jewelry box with a diamond ring and other valuables without taking any contents, passed up a brand new laptop and skipped over lose cash. Instead, he or she broke through a bedroom door and stole a 4-year old laptop that belonged to the expert witness and was dedicated solely for her volunteer work for the Foundation, especially accounting data. The theft happened in the middle of the day and police found no traces of fingerprints—clearly indicating that this crime was committed by a professional with a clear purpose. No one was home at the time of the crime. The police are investigating the matter.