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22 June 2012: Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam’s ashram at Rajapalayam in Tamil Nadu had come under dispute in 2010, when the donors of the property on which it was built filed a case in the Srivilliputhur civil court seeking cancellation of the gift deed by alleging that the ashram was being used for unlawful activities.

As a number of buildings had already been constructed on the property, and it was being regularly used for a variety of socio-spiritual activities like annadaan (free food), medical camps, worship, yoga and meditation classes which were benefiting the local community, Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam challenged this claim in court.

The 2-year dispute took a positive turn on 16th April this year, when the donors filed a memo withdrawing their baseless allegations and claim over the property. On 18th June 2012, the Hon’ble Judge of the Sub-Court of Srivilliputhur dismissed the case in its entirety.