Canada Kids get a Taste of Vedic tradition

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Today, the first eNVidyalaya class started in Toronto!
We had 12 kids signup, and 2 more who turned up late but would join from next weekend.

We started with Arthi, and blessings from Swamijis padukas after registration was done
Then the kids were taken to the community center where the class happened.
They played a game of not using the words, I-Me-Mine. And for Mother's day they made a gift for their mothers with paper cups, sparkles, glue and a lot of fun!






After a short yoga session, kids came back to temple. They performed Sri Krishna Arti - many trying it out for the first time. The curtains opened for Nithyananda Venkateswara darshan. 
The kids enjoyed a grand lunch and parents were happy and one of them said, 'this is what we have been waiting for all along'

Thanks to everyone who brought the program together!