Bangalore court STOPS Kannada movie Satyananda

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The Hon'ble City Civil Court Bangalore, acting through Sri Ashwath Narayan, Additional City Civil and Sessions Judge, on 20 Sep 2011, completely restrained release of the Kannada film 'SATYANANDA' by producer Madan Patel - until the Defamation Suit filed by Nithyananda Swamy itself is disposed. Mr.K.V.Dhananjay, counsel for Paramahamsa Nithyananda argued the matter. An Interlocutory Application was filed in this case asking that the Court should restrain release of the film until disposal of the suit. Extensive arguments were made on this application. The Hon'ble Judge pronounced his Order at 3.30pm on the 20th. The Court has stopped release of the film until disposal of the Suit. Spanning 56 pages, the counsel were given an opportunity to also go through the Order. It was said to be a very scholarly judgment on all aspects of the law concerning ‘defamation’. The certified Copy of the Order has been received by the counsel. A perjury application filed against Madan Patel by Nithyananda's counsel in this same matter is expected to come up for hearing on 12 Dec 2011.

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