2016 Simhastha Kumbhs Most Popular and Most Spectacular Camp is Nithyananda Camp

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The Nithyananda camp at Ujjain is a vibrant testimony to the largest and most authentic expression of Hinduism at the Simhastha Kumbh - whether it is the 108 deities on display that are made and decorated per the ancient science of Agamas, the traditional lifestyle and dress of the residents of the camp, the Shiva Jatas sported by many members of the organization, or the food for Annadaan that is cooked based on the ancient Bhaga Shastra (the oldest available Hindu cookbook by Lord Shiva).

The Nithyananda camp is the biggest ever residential camp at Simhasta Kumbh, with infrastructure and plans to host 10,000 seekers for a duration of 38 days. The camp will host people from 347 ashrams in 47 countries as part of a unique program where Paramahamsa Nithyananda will initiate people into 70 ancient powers or siddhis. In addition, local authorities estimate that the camp has about 1 lakh local visitors a day. Activities include a full daily routine of Nithya yoga, Nithya puja, Nithya kirtans, Nithya satsang, Nithya homas, free meditation programs for Kumbh visitors, free medical camps and Annadaan planned for over 1 lakh people a day. The highlight of the day is personal darshan by rare living incarnation Paramahamsa Nithyananda where he blesses visitors to fulfill their deep desires, be it in the area of health, wealth, relationships or spiritual growth.


Indeed at the Simhasta Kumbh this year, Sri Nithyananda Swami has showcased his powerful vision for Sanatana Hindu Dharma, and shown his ability to inspire a whole new generation to this most ancient tradition of Sanatana Hindu Dharma and to unify the fragmented voices in Hinduism today.