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Dear ones,

I am reaching out to you as I am traveling and on tour to various places. As you all know, I am away from Bidadi ashram for past one month after taking over as Madurai Aadheenam, since a lot of new projects are being launched. I came to Bangalore for 1-2 days just to take care of some important work and to clarify matters for the media though a press meet.

I heard about the problems caused in the Bidadi ashram by the anti-social elements, but thanks to the timely intervention of the Bidadi and Ramangara police, all matters are under control.

I just have one message for both my devotees and for the anti-social elements who are doing this violence to us:

Nobody can stop us from doing the good spiritual and social work that we are doing. All our charitable work will continue. Annadaanam will continue in all my ashrams wherever it is possible by law.

I have faith in the Divine, and in the law, and in the people of Karnataka. I know for sure that the Karnataka people are not opposing me, only the anti-social elements are doing this for their own vested interests and cheap publicity. We cannot fight lawlessness with lawlessness. We will conquer lawlessness with law. Ultimately we will get justice. Be blissful!