Spiritual guidance for millions

An inspirational force in the life of millions, Nithyananda has the gift of explaining the most profound spiritual concepts in a way that appeals across all audiences. Apart from his excellent oratory skills, he has the rare capacity to transmit the very experience of his words to the listener.

Appeal across barriers

Nithyananda's manner of teaching has found followers among all classes, religions and socio-backgrounds. He has a way of bringing spirituality closer to the people, and taking the people closer to spirituality! Thousands who have attended his public talks and meditation programs affirm that they have received life solutions, physical and mental healing as well as authentic spiritual experiences that help them handle their daily living in a more joyful and productive manner.

Most watched living guru online

Every day, thousands of devotees and disciples from 150 countries connect to him online and benefit from his teachings. His morning satsangs alone are watched live everyday across the world from over 30 countries .

Bidadi ashram: A melting pot of cultures

Spiritual seekers from all faiths, social classes and educational backgrounds are welcomed into the ashram and treated with equal dignity and consideration. The ashramites' list includes doctors, engineers, lawyers, other professionals, housewives and students alike. Among the brahmacharis one could count Brahmins, Dalits, Hindus, Christians and Sikhs; there are Indians as well as foreigners of various nationalities - all of whom receive the same deeksha (initiation) and enjoy equal status as ashramites.

Revitalizing sannyas

The sannyas (renunciate) order created by Nithyananda has been drawing youth from all parts of the world. Educated young men and women with a bright future in the corporate world are dropping everything to tread the time-honored path of self-realization. Equally at ease with their japamalas (rosaries) and their laptops, this unusual breed of youngsters exemplifies a life that seamlessly blends the best of both worlds. Thanks to Nithyananda's efforts, the Vedic concept of sannyas is once again becoming a viable option for modern educated youth who wish to pursue their own spiritual growth while making a difference in the world.

To create a space for people who want to pursue spirituality while fulfilling their family duties, Nithyananda has now created the 'rishi order' in the ashram, where families can live and serve on the campus. The rishis of Vedic India were married, with husband and wife supporting each other on the spiritual path, while imparting the right spiritual education and tools for conscious living to their children. The rishi order is a welcome change from the practice in traditional ashrams, where married couples have to wait till the completion of all family duties before embracing the spiritual life. The ashram also has a 'vanaprastha' order where elderly people who are free of all worldly responsibilities can enter as singles or couples and take up the preparatory life for sannyas. The ashram also runs a 'gurukul' (literally meaning 'family of the guru'), a Vedic-style learning center for children where education is holistic and need-based. The gurukul guides children to blossom into integrated individuals, spiritually anchored high-achievers and responsible global citizens.