Helping and Serving Through Spiritual Healing

One mystic phenomenon that even the most skeptical are unable to deny is spiritual healing.

In India, alternative healing methods have always complemented traditional medicine, so the Indian mind is already open to mysticism and the possibility of spiritual healing. Even in the West, although spiritual healing may not be so popular, healing powers are considered one of the definitive marks of a genuine saint.

Authentic healing powers are among the convincing proofs of a highly evolved state of consciousness. One may fool the world with words, but healing powers are not given to many. They are the result of years (or lifetimes) of intense spiritual discipline, and are won only by the grace of the Divine.

An extraordinary healer, Nithyananda has cured a range of life-threatening and chronic diseases, including cancer, paralysis, infertility, asthma and Alzheimer’s, often with a single touch. It may be impossible to ever document completely the cases of the thousands who have been healed of chronic and fatal diseases by a blessing, a touch, a word or even a look from Nithyananda - sometimes when they are continents away.

Apart from its physical benefits, healing also helps the receiver establish a powerful spiritual connection with the Divine that transcends the questions and confusions of the intellect. Many of the most deeply connected devotees today are those who have had a personal experience of healing. Nithyananda has not only effected innumerable miracles of healing, but has also initiated more than 3000 spiritual healers, who have established healing centers and render regular free healing services around the world.