Taking Sannyas - Telling his Parents

Suddenly one evening the urge to leave home became so strong that he decided he needed to act immediately. He needed to jump out of the life he was leading and into the life he was seeking without further delay. Nithyananda had to tell his mother first. He loved her deeply and wanted her shock and suffering to be as little as possible. At 10pm he went to his mother and asked her ‘What would you do if I died?’ She wanted to know ‘Why would you ask such a thing. Resignedly said, I would have to accept it if it happens.’ Nithyananda then told her he wanted to leave home and take sannyas. His mother burst into tears, body shaking uncontrollably in sorrow. ‘I knew that you would go away one day …. But I cannot bear to see you go. That is why I am crying.’ Nithyananda felt overwhelmed at this unconditional love of his mothers. She was in deep sorrow and yet she wanted for her son to go ahead and do what he wanted. His mother told his father when he came home from work and he was angry with her. He felt she must have done something to annoy their son causing him to move away. Nithyananda told his father that there was nothing anyone could do, he was ready to take sannyas. They knew from birth he would be a raja sannyasi and that he would leave home sooner or later, hoping for the later. His parents fortunately were not sophisticated and corrupted by societal influences. They were more concerned how he would take care of himself as he had scarcely ventured out of Tiruvannamalai.