Taking Sannyas – The Blow that Shifted

By the age 17 Nithyananda had completed his Mechanical Engineering diploma and was eager more then ever to leave home. He felt he could not continue living the way he was at home, it all seemed a lie. The social bondage was suffocating. He felt he was ready to enter into a life of sannyas. This was after internalizing a number of tantric techniques taught to him by Narayanaswami Thatha and using these powers to predict events and materialize objects for his friends. He was caught in energy play and indulged in it heartily. Nithyananda would meet regularly with an 80 yr old Siddha who was like a madman. One day he told him that his indulgence in energy play was like prostituting himself and that he should give up all these practices since they were stalling his spiritual growth. He said that on the day the Siddha admonished him and kicked him, he threw away all the mantra he had written down and the talismans given by Narayanaswami Thatha and dedicated himself to meditation. Nithyananda tore the talisman given to him, although he did not tell him he tore it. The next day the Siddha beat him, it had a far greater psychological effect then a physical effect. It was like a cognitive shift. I left all power play and left home soon as well. There was no living Master to guide and show me through his own experiences, that I too could gain enlightenment. Despite this, I moved on, with great faith in Existence, drawing intelligence from the cosmic source.