Hyenas at Arunachala

Nithyananda used to circumambulate the Arunachala mountain every day around this period of his childhood, when he was not even ten. He would start very early in the morning, around 4am, and complete the four hour pradakshina around the hill, chanting and singing keertans. He was totally immersed in the present moment unconcerned with anything else. In those days it was a dense forest jungle all the way. He had been walking with eyes turned downward singing devotional songs and only saw last moment a pack of hyenas that were ready to pounce on him. From the depth of his hara, the swadishthana chakra (spleen center) he let out a scream in desperate fear. It was a scream of pure fear that he had experienced neither before nor after. Along with the scream he felt a total surrender to Arunachala and a deep trust that he would be taken care of. Suddenly an elderly sannyasi appeared in front of him from nowhere, with a big stick he chased the hyenas away. As soon as the animals went away, the man disappeared. With that primal scream, Nithyananda found that his body had suddenly turned much lighter. He started walking almost floating, as if the frequency of his being had increased. This experience is another of his even before enlightenment, when sheer trust in existence took care of what needed to be done.