Bicycles with Brothers

After my first enlightenment experience at age 12, my body no longer had any sense of balance. My older brother used to double me on his bicycle everyday to school, laughingly complaining about struggling with my weight. When refused a ride, I would walk for miles whatever was necessary. On my way to school and back, I would stop at every temple and offer worship. I used to mark my attendance with all the deities and only then go to school. By the time I visited these temples and reached school, it would be almost time to return. I had a special long mantra for each deity, a piece of camphor to light and to prostrate before leaving every temple. If I missed one day I would have to make up for it the next time I visited. My older brother would be bored and cursed me. On many occasions he would try to cycle faster and sneak by a temple, I would see it coming and yell stop, stop and he would. When his patience wore thin I would walk to school for a few days. Then he would start to feel sorry for me and offer me a ride again. I was not aware that my inability to ride a bike was because of the decreased body consciousness that happened after that first experience.