First Experience of Enlightenment

Swamiji Meditating ArunachalaIn the midst of his meditation, Nithyananda felt something opening up within him… suddenly, he realized that even with his eyes closed, he could see all around – 360 degrees! At that moment, he awakened to the realization that he was one with the whole of Existence.

While ‘just playing with meditation’ one day at the age of twelve, Nithyananda had a profound spiritual experience that was to awaken him to hitherto unknown dimensions of consciousness, and transform his life forever. After this experience, which happened in the shadow of the mighty Arunachala, his longing to pursue the spiritual path was greatly intensified.

During and after his monastic training in Ramakrishna Math, Nithyananda wandered as a spiritual mendicant throughout India. Regal in his austerity, his whole life turned over to the bounty of Existence, the young mendicant covered thousands of kilometers on foot, visiting holy shrines, learning from numberless evolved souls and frequenting sacred pilgrimage spots. A lifetime of intense meditation, study and austerities finally came to fruition on 1st January 2000, in an explosion of enlightenment which revealed to him his avataric mission on our planet.