Change agent for the common man

Nithyananda is committed to bring spirituality into the lives of the common masses, who find it easier to connect through worship, rituals and devotional music (keertans). The middle class is drawn to the sensible life solutions he delivers in his talks, while the scripture studies and commentaries attract the intellectual elite, both in India and internationally. He teaches a wide range of practical and effective meditation techniques that find adherents among the spiritual seekers as well as the common man who wants a whiff of spirituality in his life.

Meditation as a lifestyle

Nithyananda is one of the few spiritual gurus to take meditation to the masses on such a grand scale. At his free satsangs (spiritual gatherings) attended by up to 100,000 people, Nithyananda also teaches simple meditation techniques that address primary issues like stress and relationships, and create a taste for meditation among the masses. Apart from this, mediation programs are conducted by ordained teachers every weekend in their homes or in the local center of the ashram. Spiritual education and mass meditation programs are being offered for free in schools and colleges, while free meditation programs are being regularly conducted in prisons, corporate and public-sector undertaking. With simple and effective techniques like Nithya Dhyaan                                                       and eN-Kriya, Nithyananda is successfully offering meditation as a lifestyle for the man on the street.

Connecting to the youth

Nithyananda himself being young, his approach is pragmatic and takes into account the thinking of the new generation. He has a knack for making spirituality appealing to the youth through simple techniques and need-based solutions for problems related to stress, work performance, peer pressure and relationships. His down-to-earth approach to spirituality, and his image of a tech-friendly guru, who illustrates the truths of Vedanta using a laptop, and uses modern analogies to instill Vedic values, has found Nithyananda admirers among the youngsters and their parents alike. To guide the youth in spiritual as well as regular life, free residential programs of up to 2 years’ duration are being offered to youth from all backgrounds, where education and vocational training is complemented by spiritual guidance. These programs have effectively turned a number of youth away from alcoholism, juvenile delinquency, teenage pregnancies, drug abuse and anti-social behavior. 

Empowering women

Nithyananda is truly committed to empowering women educationally, economically, emotionally and spiritually, restoring to them the dignity and social status they rightly deserve. In all Nithyananda Vedic temples worldwide, women devotees are allowed to freely participate in the daily worship. Along with men, women are also initiated as spiritual healers and teachers of meditation. They are given spiritual names if they wish to take one, and become spiritual ambassadors in their social circle. Life Bliss Technology for Women is being offered as a two-year free residential course at the Bidadi ashram, offering both spiritual and vocational training for single women. Upon completion of the course, if they choose to dedicate their lives to spirituality, women above 18 with a degree/diploma in any discipline are also given brahmacharyam initiation and training for sannyas. In the Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam ashrams, women live and work on an equal footing with men, heading various departments, addressing international audiences on spirituality and meditation, and playing nurturing and guiding roles in the local community.

Spiritual counseling

Among other charitable activities, free spiritual counseling is being offered on an informal basis to those who live on the fringes of society – dropouts, drug offenders, juvenile delinquents. For the first time, meditation is being offered as a real alternative to substance abuse and suicide. Although the numbers benefited are relatively small, spiritual counseling is bringing about enormous transformation in those segments of society that has been given up by the mainstream as beyond redemption.