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World Yoga Day

Do you like Yoga but have been longing for the real, authentic thing based on true ancient wisdom?
Date : Jun 21, 2017
Location : Bangalore Aadheenam and World wide webminar
Registration :
Contact : [email protected] / +91 80 2727 9999

A 'must listen' for all yogis!

Whether you're brand new or a life-long practitioner

Learn how authentic yoga will make you actually manifest spiritual powers from the space of enlightenment (Shaktis)

 Find out about:


  • What is the true source of Yoga? HINT: Yoga was NOT created by Patanjali
  • How Yoga has been distorted and commercialized to remove its true purpose
  • How to use the ancient knowledge to make your current practice more authentic
  • How to awaken your Third Eye and spiritual powers through Yoga and Initiation