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Surya Narayana Puja on Makara Sankaranthi

Date : Jan 15, 2016
Location : Bidadi Bangalore and Online
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Contact : [email protected] or +91 9916593002

Surya Narayana Puja BidadiMakara sankaranti is the day in the Vedic Hindu Calendar when the Sun enters the Makara rashi - Capricorn(zodiac moon sign). this day falls every year on Jan 14 or 15. This is the day of dawn for the Devas - the demi-gods. Hence on this day Lord Surya narayana - the Sun God is worshipped with new agricultural produce and the offering of the sweet dish - Pongal. This year Makara Sankaranti Surya Narayana Puja falls on Jan 15 2016.


Offering worship to Surya Narayana who is also called the God who is visible to the eyes, brings immense prosperity in the family. As a mark of gratitude to Lord Surya because of whose grace we obtain the agricultural produce and ultimately food this worship to Lord Surya Narayana is offered on Makara Sankaranti Day. Lord Surya narayana is the deity responsible for the good eye sight and general optimum health and for the health and well-being of one's father and support from and completion with one's father. Pujas are the spiritual scientific methods to achieve completion with the higher energy and there getting enriched by the higher energy.


  • Benefits of offering Makara Sankaranti Suya Narayana Puja:
  • Prosperity in family
  • Healing of eye sight related problems
  • Healing of physical ailments 
  • Optimum health
  • Healing of gerontological diseases like stomach ulcer
  • Longevity and well-being of one's father 
  • Completion with one's father
  • Support from one's father in all possible ways. 
  • Success in competitions, exams and war, litigation
  • Nullification of the ill-effects caused by the debilitation of Sun in the horoscope

Puja done in an energy field multiplies the benefits of the puja exponentially. With a living incarnation blessing the whole auspicious happening, all the worship done in the Bengaluru Adheenam being authentic will directly be received by the deity Lord Suryanarayan.


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