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Date : Dec 01, 2011
Location : Bidadi Ashram
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Wash Off Your Karmas
1 Dec 2011

  • Are you continuously suffering?
  • Is life again and again delivers only suffering to you?
  • Do your plans fail in the last minute?
  • Do you experience repeated loss in your business?


If your answer is YES, it could be because of KARMAS.
Come on! Get your Karmas WASHED OFF!!

What is Shankhabhishekam?
Shankhabhishekam is a holy bath done to Lord Shiva with conches. Conch or Shankha is considered to be so much sacred in the Vedic tradition. In the Shankhabhishem, water will be filled in conches and the water will be energized by performing a puja to the water-filled conches.
After the puja, the water in the conches will be offered as a holy bath or Abhisheka to Shiva Linga.

This Shankhabhisheka is usually performed once a year during the Karthikai / Vrishchika month of the Vedic solar calendar.
This year it falls on the 1st of Dec.
The Agamas – the Vedic manual for Temples – say that performing or offering a Shankhabhishekam to Lord Shiva clears even the deep-rooted Karma that is haunting for many births.

Conch is considered to be so much sacred and auspicious in the Vedic tradition. It is born out of the milky ocean along with Goddess Lakshmi. The space within the conch corresponds to the space where the big bang happens, the space where the constant rejuvenation and new creation happens.

Shankhabhishekam washes off your karma and paves way for the new future to happen in your life.
The speciality of Shankhabhishekam on Dec 1st in Bidadi temple is :

  • This Shankhabhishekam is directly offered to the 1000-years old Swayambhuu linga which Swamiji says is an expression of pure life and to which Swamiji daily bows down.
  • This Shankhabhishekam is offered during the Nithyannadeshwara Brahmotsavam. Swamiji on Nov 29th 2011 after hoisting the flag said, “When I raised the flag, I saw clearly all the Deities coming down to Bidadi Ashram.” In  the presence of all the Deities the Shankhabhishekam will be performed and so there is the maximum possible auspiciousness that can happen in your life.

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