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THE Samyama

Date : Feb 17, 2013 - Mar 09, 2013
Location : Bidadi, Bangalore
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Contact : [email protected]

THE SAMYAMA (Nirahara Samyama THE LEVEL)


What is Nirahara Samyama?


Samyama means exploring and discovering your various possibilities and

powers, by being centered on certain technique or spiritual process. Nirahara

Samyama means exploring and discovering our body's possibility without

having any external input like food or water.


The purpose of the Samyama is to awaken our own natural intelligence of

making food out of natural resources like sun rays, air and the praana which is

directly available to us from the space. If fish can swim, we can swim, if bird

can fly, we can fly and if plants can make food directly from the air and sun

rays, our body can also do that. Every extraordinary capability and possibility

is inside our bio memory.


When our bio memory is awakened, we don't need a will. We just like that

feel highly energetic and feeling highly excited. Mainly we get liberated from

many patterns that got created by food. Every human being associates his fears,

greed, attention need and idea of love with food. All patterns associated with

love and attention-need is connected with food. Food is a very emotional zone.

Now when we are liberated by master from food and patterns created by food,

the first thing that will happen is the unnecessary emotions and sentiments

associated with food will break. So the reasonless excitement, kind of subtle joy

will be constantly happening in our system. Nirahara Samyama is conducted in

batches where each batch has 3 levels of Samyama where the participants are

led into a meditation to prepare the body to get the bio memory awakened. To

know more on Nirahara Samyama click here




THE SAMYAMA is the 4th level or THE LEVEL of Nirahara Samyama.

Participants who have successfully completed all the initial 3 levels of Nirahara

Samyama at a stretch are eligible to participate in THE SAMYAMA. THE

SAMYAMA is conducted for 21 days in the physical presence of the Master




eN-Chanting: In Ajapa Japa, the Guru Mantra: "Oh Hreem Nithyanandaya

Namaha" mantra is repeated constantly with the visualisation of the mantra

moving in circular direction around the throat. A prayer wheel with the mantra


written in it will help in Ajapa Japa in the initial levels It helps in getting inside

our inner space and unclutching becomes easy.


Feeling connection: Meditating on the Anandha Gandha Chakra remembering

the master, being in Bhakti, the joy of looking for him and remembering him.


Unclutching: Being an observer of all the thoughts that arise by just witnessing

them, neither encouraging them nor suppressing them.


Program Availability:


This program is not available on 2-way. Program has to be attended by the

participant in person. It is conducted along with Inner Awakening batches.


Program Cost and Accommodation:


THE SAMYAMA program and the juices during the programs are provided

free of cost. The participants have to take care of their accommodation and its

cost when conducted in places other than Bidadi Ashram. When conducted in

Bidadi Ashram, accommodation is payable. To know about the accommodation

in Bidadi Ashram, kindly contact [email protected] or call 080

28022100 extn 101




Below practices are to be mandatorily followed during THE SAMYAMA:


1. Panchakriya (neem juice, enema, eyes clensing, jala nethi, rubber nethi) and

Harithaki powder /(kadukai podi).


Pancha kriya cleanses the body and makes it ready for the Samyama and the

Harithaki powder is said to activate the non-mechanical parts of the brain. Both

makes the body ready to receive the initiation from the master and helpful

for THE SAMYAMA to work. Panchakriya kit is available in eN-Galleria in

Bidadi Ashram. Sessions on Pancha Kriya will be given by authorised person/

Siddha doctor.


2. Morning and afternoon yoga sessions


3. Morning Pada Puja and Satsang: Please bring your Guru Puja Kit to perform

Paduka Puja. It helps in establishing feeling connection with the Master when

performed with proper understanding. Guru Puja kit is available in eN-Galleria

in Bidadi Ashram.


4. Dress Code


During THE SAMYAMA program dress code is strictly to be followed where

women wear white saree (shades of white, cream of any textur, colour blouse

allowed) and men wear dhoti in the style of Yoga vastram and Pancha kacham

/ Deva kacham (like how brahmacharis wear). It is said that the dressing style

that creates a weight on the left shoulder helps in balancing the prana thereby

helping the participants in the Samyama.


Medical Tests:


It is mandatory to submit a medical test report (Tests to be taken mentioned

below) enter into THE SAMYAMA. The medical tests should have been taken

within 2 weeks before the start of the Samyama and the originals of the medical

test report to be submitted (hard copy) on the day of the start of the Samyama.

Medical Tests taken prior to the mentioned period are not entertained.


Post THE Samyama Medical Reports if taken within a month are considered to

enter into THE SAMYAMA for participants repeating their THE SAMYAMA.

Participants are requested to take the same medical test on the completion of

THE SAMYAMA and submit the originals. List of medical tests that are to be

taken are as below:


List of Medical Tests for THE SAMYAMA:


Pre-Requisites: 12 Hours fasting before going for test

(I) Blood :

Complete Haemogram/CBC


Peripheral Smear





Lipid Profile

Liver Function Tests

T3, T4, TSH

Iron Level

TIBC (total Iron binding capacity)

Ferritin Level

Vitamin D3 Level

Vitamin B12 Level


Folate Level

(II) Urine - Protein, Sugar, Microscopy


(IV) Ultrasonography – Abdomen


How to participate in THE SAMYAMA?


Watch out for THE SAMYAMA dates in THE

SAMYAMA is conducted during the Inner Awakening program. The

participants have to sign up the online form in

Participation in THE SAMYAMA will be confirmed through return emails. It

is mandatory that the participants enrolling themselves in THE SAMYAMA

should have completed at least Nithya Kriya Yoga program (Life Bliss Program

II or LBP II, earlier known as Nithya Spurana Program (NSP)) and have the

original medical test report as mentioned above.


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To know more about THE SAMYAMA:


Email [email protected]




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