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Samvatsarabhishekam to Swamiji's Murti in "Laughing Temple"

Date : Apr 07, 2012
Location : Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore
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Samvatsarabhishekam  to Swamiji’s Murthy in “Laughing Temple”


“Laughing Temple” as it is called is the small rustic hut in the Bidadi ashram where Swamiji lived and spent His beginning days in the ashram.

Last year(2011) in the Vedic solar month of Meena, on the day of Chitra nakshatra – Swamiji’s birth star, a life-size marble murthy of Swamiji was installed in the same place of laughing temple where Swamiji used to sit and take classes and spend His whole day.

The space of Laughing Temple is so much resonant to the Master’s energy that anybody who comes inside the Laughing temple experiences the glimpse of spiritual depths without any effort. Moreover worshipping the Master in this Laughing Temple where Swamiji lives in the murti, creates a deep spiritual alchemy in us and elevates us to higher planes of spirituality effortlessly.

This year April 7th is the first birthday of Swamiji’s murti in the Laughing temple. Every year on Chitra nakshatra of Meena month of Vedic solar calendar a special homa and abhishekam is done to receive the best benifits fro the energy radiating from the murti. This is called the Samvatsarabhishekam.

On this day a special homa will be performed and later the energized water pots will be offered as Abhishekam – sacred bath to Swamiji’s murti. Followed by this a grand bath with different items like milk, panchamritham, scented powder, sandal powder is offered to the murti. Each ingredient used in this abhishekam clears all the obstacles in the spiritual life of a seeker.

Offering Samvatsarabhishekam to Swamiji’s Murti in the Laughing Temple acts as a spiritual elevator and makes you experience exponential growth in spiritual life.

Now you can get the Samvatsarabhishekam to Swamiji’s Murti in Laughing Temple in your name and experience exponential growth in spiritual life....