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Date : Aug 29, 2012
Location : Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore
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On Pradosham  the auspicious time to worship Lord Shiva
29th August 2012

How great it would be if there is something which can fulfill anything that you wish!!!

Yes! Here is the boon-giving Rudrabhishekam that Swamiji has blessed to be a boon-giver.

Text Box: Benefits of Rudra abhishekam:  •	Patterns lose their grip on you  •	Clears the karmas that stops you from what you want to be  •	Fulfils your true desires  •	Acts like a Kalpataru – the boon-giver.     

Pradosham is the time when Lord Shiva consumed the Hahahala poison that emerged out during the churning of the milky ocean. The poison could not be handled by anybody. So out of deep compassion, Lord Shiva consumed it and danced in bliss in the form of Nataraja on the head of His divine bull vehicle Nandi between 4.30pm - 6 pm on the thirteenth phase of moon. 
So every thirteenth phase of moon evening Lord Shiva radiates the energy to destroy the negativity thereby saving us and protecting us.

Also it on the Pradosham time Shiva delivered the secret meditation techniques for Enlightenment in the book Vijnana Bhairava Tantra to Devi. 
To get rid of all negative influences from our lives and to get all our prayers fulfilled and to please Lord Shiva and to head towards Enlightenment, Rudrabhishekam is offered to the 1000-year old self-evolved Swayambhu Shiva Linga in the Bidadi Ashram. This linga – Swamiji has said – is an expression of pure life energy. 
Offering Rudrabhishekam to the Swayambhu Linga in the Bidadi Nithyanandeshwara Temple to which the rare Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda offers His respects daily blesses us with unimaginable auspiciousness in our lives. 

Whatever you wish does not get fulfilled because there is no space in your life where new creation can happen. Your life is filled with all old happenings which repeat themselves again and again monotonously leaving no new space for “NEW” happening to happen. For the new creation in your life to happen, first the rejuvenation has to happen. When the rejuvenation happens, only then there is any possibility of new creation.
Here comes the unavoidable necessity of the energy of Lord Rudra – a form of Lord Shiva – who is the God of Rejuvenation. 
Lord Rudra removes the unwanted happenings in your life thereby creating a space for new happenings to happen as per your wish. 
 Rudra is the Lord of rejuvenation. Rudra is one of the forms of Lord Shiva. Lord Rudra is the Deity who replaces you with a “NEW YOU”. He transforms lives. Rudra acts very fiercely against all your patterns, karmas and the unconsciousness. Rudra in Sanskrit literally means the one who makes the unconsciousness cry and run away. 
About Sri Rudram & Chamakam
The Vedic hymn that extols Lord Rudra is called the Rudra Prashna. Rudra Prashna is also called the Rudradhyaya, the Shatharudriyam or Sri Rudram. This Sri Rudram is found in the mid portion of the Taittiriya Krishna Yajur Veda. Sri Rudram depicts Lord Shiva’s Cosmic form. Sri Rudram is also called the Namakam. Namakam literally means the hymn which is made of Namaha. Namaha in Sanskrit has two meanings. One is “Salutations” and the other is “Not mine”. Every time when you utter the word Namaha, actually the patterns and karmas get detached from you and get rid of the spell of patterns and karmas. It is said that chanting of Sri Rudram is a direct way to Enlightenment.

There is one more speciality of Sri Rudram. It contains the most sacred five-syllabled Shiva Panchakshari – the “Nama Shivaya” mantra. 
“Shiva” means Causeless Auspiciousness. The chanting of Sri Rudram fills our lives with causeless auspiciousness. 
Chamakam is the Vedic prayer to fulfil all our wishes. Chamakam is always chanted after Sri Rudram. By chanting Sri Rudram, the negativity and deep-rooted patterns are removed from us. As a result, a beautiful space is created in us for a new life. Through the power of Chamakam which prays for all the auspicious things to be in our life, our true desires are fulfilled leading us more and more towards a fulfilled life which is Living Enlightenment.
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Rudra Abhishekam is the sacred powerful way of prayer to receive Lord Shiva’s blessings. Rudrabhisheka is the sacred bath to Lord Shiva – Nithyanandeshwara with many different items along with the chant of Sri Rudra.
The scriptures say that whatever you do in an energy field, it yields a million-fold result.
Swamiji has blessed this Rudra Abhisheka to be a boon-giver.
So the time-tested power of Sri Rudram, plus the intense life energy of the 1000 year old Swayambhu Linga plus the sacred time of Pradosham when all negative influences can be destroyed plus Swamiji’s blessing is indeed a rare combination to be made the best use of to create the new life that you want.
All that you need to do to rejuvenate your life is just participate in this Rudra Abhisheka on Pradosham day and get the prayer done in your name. 
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