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Paradox of Freedom

You've spent your life so far pursuing "freedom." But how FREE do you really feel?
Date : Jul 15, 2017 - Jul 16, 2017
Location : Bangalore Aadheenam and World wide Seminar
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Contact : [email protected] / +91 80 2727 9999

We always think "freedom" means having lots of choices to do whatever you want, but “Freedom is NOT having more choices, as you’re led to believe.” - Paramahamsa Nithyananda


You've spent your life so far pursuing "freedom." But how FREE do you really feel? 

Even in some area of your life you may feel somewhat free but in other areas if you are still feeling tied down or suffocation then that is NOT freedom!

Watch this soul-searching 2 day workshop to:

·       Learn what is real freedom for YOU in regards to your health, career, relationships, love life, spiritual freedom, and more.

·       Re-boot your life strategy, to re-discover your purpose in life, not what you’ve been brought up to think is your purpose

·       See how and where you have bought into a false myth perpetuated by society to control you... and where you are unknowingly supporting
       those myths about freedom.

·       Avoid wasting valuable years of your life chasing a lie in the name of “freedom”

·       Learn to focus your full energies on what you really want

·       See how REAL freedom gives you happiness and awakens spiritual powers (Shaktis)  


 Experience TRUE and lasting freedom for everything in you life - from your health, career, love & relationships, and spiritual journey.