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Nithyananda Spurana Program (Life Bliss Program - II)

Date : Mar 01, 2012 - Mar 04, 2012
Location : Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore
Registration :
Contact : 91+9886092245

1. What is offered in the NSP program?

To understand what the NSP offers lets first understand some of our day to day situations we deal with

  • Why do we experience extreme pain of rejection for example when one is suddenly asked to leave his or her organization and take days or months to come over it?
  • Why are we so afraid of losing our money, job and constantly tried hard to keep them even at the cost of our peace of mind?
  • Why are we so scared of losing relationships and trying so hard to keep them working- even at the cost of our self-expression and freedom?
  • Why, at the back of our mind do we always fear losing our health?

And can you see that over 90% of your life goes in one or more of the above fear?
There is no room for anything new to get created in your life due to this!

The NSP program is designed to free you from all the above fears and literally give you a fresh new slate to rewrite your future in *all* areas of your life and LIVE IT!!!

How does NSP do that?

The source fear of *All* the above fears is nothing but your fear of Death. Death not as understood as a one time happening at the end of ones life, but death that happens in us each moment. We die to an identity each moment and resisting that is death.

In the NSP program you are taken through the layers of death and freed from the very grip of ‘death’ and all its associated fears.

2. What are the benefits? Why should I do the NSP?

  • You get to redesign your life and live it anew
  • You get to be free from all your past baggage of guilt, fear, shame, failures and get access to a new freedom
  • You gain new courage and clarity on your goals
  • Last but not the least you go beyond the very fear of death!

After NSP..

  • You  now attract the right people/relationships around you. Heal previous ones.
  • You attract the right jobs, wealth opportunities & experience fulfillment
  • You eNsure a healthy body for the rest of your life
  • You experience freedom, peace and bliss in your ‘inner world’  while you are doing what you do in the ‘outer world’
  • And something more…

3. FAQs

Are there any specific clothes I need to bring?

White clothes are recommended as they help you retain the energy generated during meditation. White colored clothers are recommended but not required.

Please carry some yoga clothes as there will be yoga sessions during the program.

Is Food and accommodation provided?
Yes Food and accommodation is provided and it is included in the course fee.

What is the fee?
Rs 10,000

How can I register for the program?
Kindly register yourself at the below link:

How can I pay?
We accept Cash, Card Payment, Online bank transfer
Please email [email protected] for details.

Can I pay on the spot?
We recommend you register at the earliest to ensure accommodation inside the ashram itself. We do accept on the spot registrations.
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7. Date and Venue: Nithyananda Dhyanapeeta, Nithyanandanagara
Off Mysore Road, Bidadi – 562109, Bengaluru
Dates: March 1-4th
Rates: Rs. 10000/-