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Date : Feb 21, 2012
Location : Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore
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The basic necessity of human beings is health as the proverb – Health is Weath – indicate. In this modern world even though there are a lot of ways to treat diseases, there is seldom a way to heal and bestow health or to maintain health.

 Whatever your wish be, it can be made in to a reality through the power of prayer. Prayer is the way to communicate with God, to the Divine, to your own higher Self.

Vedic tradition gives special ways to make your prayer come true very quickly. Your deep prayer along with intense Cosmic energy makes your prayer come true immediately.

Abhishekam is one of the time-tested techniques to make your prayers a reality in your life. Abhishekam is the holy bath offered to an energized Deity. In this holy bath various Siddha herbal ingredients are offered. This siddha healing becomes very effective when the abhisheka is done to a Deity made of Navapashana . Nava Pashana is a set of nine minerals  which when combined in a proper proportion by an able sculptor as per the instructions of the Siddhas- the 18 Enlightened mystical healers who lived 5000 years ago – become a rare and effective medicine.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda, in the lineage of the legendary siddha yogis of Southern India, has successfully revived the lost mystical science of siddha healing, through this 21-foot high Nithyananda Linga, the tallest navapashana linga in the world.

Nithyananda Linga is one of the rarest of rare happenings on the planet Earth. Nithyananda Linga is a 21 feet Shiva Linga made of Nava Pashana.   For a Deity to be made of Nava Pashana, three things have to coincide. First the sculptor who knows the science of processing the Pashanas, Second the right planetary position in the Cosmos that make the process complete and Third the happening of an Incarnation who can install Cosmic energy into the Deity. We all are fortunate to live in a time when all the three have coincided. The result is Nithyananda Linga. The speciality of Anand Linga is that apart from the Nava Pashana, 1008 Siddha Medicinal herbs have been added under the direct guidance of NithyNithyananda during the formation of the Deity.

In this Linga the healing energy that Swamiji radiates is installed perfectly and the Linga radiates that energy in a concentrated form.

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