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Nithya Kriya Yoga (in English)

7pm - 6am
Date : Apr 06, 2013 - Apr 07, 2013
Location : Bidadi, Bangalore
Registration :
Contact : [email protected]
Nithya Kriya yoga - earlier life bliss level - 2 program

Celebrate Life!

Whether we realize it or not, our whole life is shadowed by the fear of death. All our clutching - to our money, to our relationships, to our ideas - is really nothing but the fear of dying, of losing our identity.

Unless we confront Death, we can never really contact Life.

But what is 'dying?'

The essential truths that need to be alive in us to keep us alive moment by moment are:

1) Integrity – Which is, you fulfilling the word and thought you give to yourself and to others and experiencing a state of Poornatva – completion with yourself life and with life.

2) Authenticity – Which is, is you being established in the peak of your capability and responding to life from who you perceive yourself to be for yourself, who you project yourself to be for others, and, what others expect you to be for them.

3) Responsibility: Which is, living and responding to life from the truth that you are the source of, and therefore, you are responsible for all happenings in and around you.

4) Enriching – Which is, you taking responsibility with integrity and authenticity that you are committed to continuously enriching, which is expanding yourself and life in and around you.

Whenever we slip from any of these truths, we are dying!

Conducted personally by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, this 2-day life-changing program takes you on a powerful conscious journey through and beyond what we call Death. When you realize that you are actually dying and being reborn every moment, all past trauma, guilt, and pain simply fall away. Life becomes a celebration every moment and you are then initiated into the four tatvaas – Integity, Authenticity, Responsibility and enriching, which empower you to live  a totally new, transformed life with freedom, power to create whatever you want, and to be blissful always.

In this program you will:

• Consciously connect with the experience of dying through intense mediation processes and re-connecting to a life of freedom, creation and bliss through initiation into the four truths.

• Transform your understanding of life and death

• Discover the source and root of all the fears, desires, guilt & pain that exist in your life.

• Learn to overcome all your fears and your insecurities

• Let go of guilt and painful memories

• Be healed of sleep disorders

• Experience the joy of spontaneous living

How do I register for the program?

Contact the city co-ordinators below for your respected cities. Kindly scroll down for making payment

New York Anand Singh[email protected]516-526-2800
PhiladelphiaMa Ananda Archanaa[email protected]484-636-6508
Washington, DC Meena Joshi[email protected]301-806-6135
Port Washington NYMa Nithyananda Samarpini[email protected]347.683.0591
Seattle Sri Nithya Muktananda a[email protected] (425) 269-2923
SanFranciscoPrajna[email protected]509 432-5827
LosAngelesMa Shivamaya[email protected]9096251400
Oklahoma Citymaanandnirmal[email protected]4058336107
San Jose - CA- USAMa Tejo[email protected]408-634-3978
Chicago Lanie Sners[email protected]773-430-6098
New Jersey Paul Yevzikov

[email protected]

[email protected]



Houston eN Satsang Umesh Hari [email protected]


Atlanta Ujjaini Kailashananda [email protected] 404-845-7818
GuadeloupeOlivier Sahai[email protected]690209394
MonterreyRishi Mitra[email protected]+52 811 244 8683
Calgary-AB-Calgary Amarnath/ Sanghavasini[email protected]403 560 2861
Toronto Sughundi[email protected]416-439-2089
Vancouver Chandravimalaa[email protected]604 628-4479
ParisMa NithyaChandrananda[email protected]33679157015
Brockley LondonSatsanga (sat roopini)[email protected]7962638635
Isleworth, London, UK ma nithya sarvika [email protected]  
Moscow   [email protected] +79161070717
auckland new zealand stefan [email protected] 6421359609


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 Live and on 2-way Video Conferencing
7pm - 6am(indian Standard Time)


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