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Nithya Dhyaan Yoga

Explore your Hidden Potential - Discover how to live free of stress patterns, worry habbit, conflicts with friends and family, procrastination pattern and Discover how to improve relationships, increase calmness and clarity, live joyfully with high energy, clarity in thought and decision making
Date : Jan 12, 2013 - Jan 13, 2013
Location : Online and in Bidadi
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Contact : [email protected]


 Nithya Dhyaana Yoga

"Life is Bliss"- Reloaded! 

For 2013 Paramahansa Nithyananda is revisiting the phenomenal course that has benefited hundreds of thousands of people around the world, Life Bliss.

The new program- Nithya Dhyaana Yoga reveals that the life you were born to live. A life full of bliss.

Nithyananda speaks about how the changing energy on the planet allows courses to be updated to be more effective and profound.  This is a brand new course that he is giving is an outcome of the 12.12.12 changes on planet earth. 

The course works on clearing  our 7 energy centers, called chakras in Sanskrit. These  become blocked  by our history, our pains, suffering, fears, worries,  and loves.

Discover how they got blocked, and the patterns that we adopt to cope with these blockages.

Experience 7 powerful  new processes to unblock them, through mediation,  movement, breathing and visualization. 

Don’t miss this new course born out of the 12.12.12 experience. Designed for a new You! 


Online Participants Please register through once of the centers as follows

For Registering for new Centre Click Here (open for IA Graduates Also)Contact number: 91 + 08028022102


JAN 12/13 - Nithya Dhyaan Yoga
COUNTRYClick HereAmount (USD)
AustraliaClick Here$344
BrazilClick Here$106
CanadaClick Here$250
CroatiaClick Here$192
FranceClick Here$264
Guadeloupe             Click Here$264
India                  Click Here$92
MalaysiaClick Here$156
MexicoClick Here$157
New ZealandClick Here$292
SingaporeClick Here$250
Slovak Republic Click Here$185
UKClick Here$243
USAClick Here$250



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