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Nithya Arogya Yoga in Tamil

1-day Program on Health Conducted by Swamiji
Date : Jan 31, 2016
Location : Bidadi
Registration :
Contact : [email protected] / +91 80 2727 9999
To Participate on the Nithya Arogya Yoga Program on 2-way Video Conferencing: Click here


Vaitheeswara Homa During Nithya Arogya Yoga Program:

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As a token of our gratitude, all donors making a general donations of at least $51 donated to Nithyananda Yoga Foundation,  and donated during the Nithya Arogya Program (Jan 30 - 31) will have their names chanted in the Vaidyeshwara Homa taking place in the Bengaluru Adheenam. 
About Vaidyeshwara Homa   

Vaidyeshwara Homa is the Vedic ritual which restores our natural healthy state of being. Vaidyeshwara Homa invokes the presence and grace of Lord Vaidyanatha Swamy who is Lord Shiva Himself. Vaidya means Doctor. Eeshwara or Natha means the Lord. Vaidyanatha Swamy is the King of all medicines and doctors. As the saying – “Doctor stitches; God heals” – rightly says, Lord Vaidyanatha Swamy is the Cosmic healer. 

In the Vaidyeshwara Homa, Lord Shiva in the form of Sri Vaidyanatha Swamy is invoked in the Homa fire. The Pradhana Ahuti is offered along with the chanting of Vaidyanatha Ashtakam – the hymns in praise of Vaidyanatha Swami. Then the ahutis(oblations) are offered with the mula mantra.

Puja done in an energy field multiplies the benefits of the puja exponentially. With a living incarnation blessing the whole auspicious happening, all the worship done in theBengaluru Adheenam being authentic will directly be received by the deity Lord Vaidyeshwara.



Nithyananda Yoga Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization described under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax deductible to theextent permitted by law. Please consult your tax advisor to determine the tax deductibility of your donation. Nithyananda Yoga Foundation, Inc.’s tax identification number is 20-5963051. By contributing to Nithyananda Yoga Foundation, Inc., you acknowledge that Nithyananda Yoga Foundation, Inc. has full control of the donated funds and full discretion to ensure that they are used in furtherance of Nithyananda Yoga Foundation, Inc.’s charitable purpose.