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Nirahara Samyama Level -2

Date : Oct 10, 2012 - Oct 16, 2012
Location : Tiruvannamalai, Join through 2-way video Conferencing
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Samyama is exploring and helping you to discover all those great possibilities. Nirahara Samyama means, helping you to explore and discover your possibilities to be without any external input like food and water.

The purpose of this whole samyama is awakening your own natural intelligence of making food out of Natural Resources like sunrays, air, and the prana which is directly available to you from the space. We release thousands of beliefs, ideas and engrams(engraved memories) attached to eating and food. That is the true purpose of this yoga practice: to re-program our bio-memory and cleanse our inner space.



1. Mind and Body  Healing

2. Centering your-self

3. More Energitic

4. Feel Light


6. Glowing Skin

7. Loose the craving on FOOD

8. Be Liberated from many of your MENTAL PATTERNS


Get ready for this UNIQUE EXPERINCEof your LIFE...